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    Fuel prices near you

    Filled up for $3.69 this morning. Was slightly excited until I remember $3.69 is still insanely high
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    2 months into owning a 2013 GT.

    Great color choice! Love mine. Throw some boost at it and never look back
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    2004 Pontiac GTO | Retro Review

    I've always had a thing for these. Every so often I do some searching and see what prices look like. Probably jump on one if the stars aligned
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    Eruption Green GT500 delivery!

    Gorgeous! I'm yet to see that color in person but love the way yours looks
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    Watching the Breaking Bad marathon...

    Watched it twice already but been thinking about giving it a 3rd go. This and Ozark are two of my favorites
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    Used Vehicle Insights

    There's a GTS-R on BaT right now thats at $275k as well
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    Planet Fitness

    I go just for the treadmills and the 24/7 aspect of it. I do a lot of distance running so having a nice treadmill for $10 a month at odd hours is worth it to me. But I have a membership at a regular gym as well for all the other times.
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    Lightning EV vs Tesla 3

    Expected the 3 to win but thought it might be a little bit closer. Whats the weight difference? I imagine the F150 is quite a bit heavier
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    2023 Cadillac Escalade V | MotorWeek First Drive

    Absolutely insane. I bet they'll have no problem selling them though. People who can afford something like this definitely have a couple other options in the garage already.
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    Who has a blackstone griddle?

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    Who has a blackstone griddle?

    I see them on sale fairly often at Wal Mart
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    That thing got a Hemi?

    Very nice. I like that color. Don't think I've seen it before.
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    Fuel prices near you

    Surprisingly it dropped by my house. Down to $4.96... what a bargain
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    Who has a blackstone griddle?

    I've got the 22 inch and use it almost every day. I love cooking breakfast on it first thing in the morning. I also take it with me to the track to make lunch. Amazing purchase