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  • Hey Dasaliac, I ran into your car for sale by a guy in Conway, SC. Extremely clean build and looking forward to checking it out and hopefully buying it this Sunday. What all did you have left to complete aside from brakes, and t56 swap?

    Thanks! David
    Hello, I have a Sonic Blue Cobra. Will the CAI you have work with a stock MAF until I do some upgrades? Does it come with or require a flange to mount the factory MAF? I realize later on you can drill the upgraded MAF module and mount to the high boost CAI.
    Basically I need to know if the set up you have will work and has all the parts to bolt up to factory MAF.
    Thanks! [email protected]
    hey i have a Q are u going to sell you 1.7 kenne bell? if so how much? plz let me know 786/3688352
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