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  • I see you dropped ur 13/14 gt500 on steeda springs. Have you done any other suspension mods to it?
    you should not need any amount of miles. you should be able to push the button and go down to 2500 and up to 4500. Maybe post a quick video of it?
    You replied to my post I have a 2013 Shelby coupe and when I go in to the rpm setting below the launch control it only show 3000 to 4500 do you need to change something or do you need to have certain amount of miles on there
    The GT500's come from the factory programmed in a "valet or transport mode" if you will...prevents the full power being there when they are moving the car around for shipment. Once you receive it you have to drive the car 5 consecutive miles or 50 cold starts whichever is first to unlock the full boost of the SC. Then all 662 horses are free to play
    I am a pretty big noob to the forum and have a lot of interest in buying a '13 GT500. I am not familiar with locked or unlocked tuners or superchargers. Is it the first 5 miles ever on the car that activate the supercharger for good? And what exactly does "locked" and "unlocked" mean when referring to these things?
    ill get back to you on that, its just the basic SCT handheld tuner thats used when you dyno tune the car, but ill check
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