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    Been Awhile..

    Sorry for the long absence. I swear as I get older the less I remember. I used to post constantly on here. Not sure how I did it. Thanks again guys. After seeing more and more L's for sale I do believe I got a smoking deal. Currently I have upgraded the headunit (apple car play spoils me)...
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    Been Awhile..

    Thanks Bob. First up is paint correction.
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    Been Awhile..

    Used to be an avid poster. Love affair with vehicles fell off. Then marriage, kid, career etc. I work in the medical field and learned a doctor friend of mine was moving to Hawaii. I knew he had a 2001 Lightning that he drove daily and ordered new back in 2001. It had close to 99K on it at the...
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    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Good to see this thread still kicking. Been a long time since I have posted. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    OEM Shifter Assembly $50 shipped

    Purchased this to swap out my with Barton equipped mustang but never got the chance. $50 shipped
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    Roush CAI (No Tune) $150 shipped

    Morning Gently used Roush CAI. Traded in the car so I have no need for this. $150 SHIPPED. No tune required. I am located in Lake Dallas, if you wanted to pick up (has to be very close to me) I am up for it.
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    2013 mustang GT Spoiler w/ BU camera

    Painted Lava Red. Camera works perfectly, no flaws. $250
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    Those with aftermarket reverse cameras

    I am looking at some on Amazon that seem to have good reviews. Has anyone dealt with splicing in an aftermarket camera? The above shows the wires going from the harness that would plug into the spoiler.
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    Barton Shifter w/ 2 post bracket

    Barton Shifter with two post bracket, less than 1k miles- $275
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    Message Notifications via sync

    How in the bloody hell do I disable it permentantly? I keep going to the phone menu to turn it off but somehow magically it turns back on. I was trying to hear a news update about Ft. Hood and my mother decided to write me a book through text and I missed it. Anyone get rid of this shit?
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    Locked out of log I through tapatalk

    Any ideas? Says I reached the maximum number of attempts but I never needed to keep logging in. No email to reset password at all.
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    2013 Premium 5.0 w/comfort package PW

    I have a ton on my plate right now. The more and more I look at my car, the more I see it as impractical for my situation. That coupled with my back problems I cannot see spending 3K on seats when I will probably turn around and sell the car before the year end for something with 4 doors. With...
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    2013 leather seats = back problems?

    I recently started driving my car more. It is a manual. I haven't always had the best back but it's never been a problem driving. I have the comfort package leather seats with the lumbar maxed out. I'm 6'4 190lbs. Does anyone else have problems? I don't really want to sell the car, but...
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    Spoiler options v. Backup Camera

    Let's see those spoilers. The more I look at mine the more I hate it. I have the backup camera and really don't want to lose it. Just curious if anyone used a different camera and mounted it somewhere else?
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    20x9/10 Concave LMR Downforce Wheels

    Bought a new setup, so these need to go. Lately I have been leaning to trade for a track pack like welds. 20x9 20x10 Nitto 555 245 and 275 Still waiting on the new wheels to get here so right now I am trying to weigh interest. Car is not a daily and the tires have less than 500 miles...