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    Nurburgring Las Vegas

    Though it's still a few years away, this would be AWESOME!!! Hopefully if they are going to make it a "true" replica, they'll also replicate the inexpensive cost to lap the real Nurburgring too. But somehow I doubt that will happen with us greedy Americans, but we can hope. I personally...
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    JLT Carbon Fiber Intake and DiabloSport Trinity Tuner

    Edit: ** S O L D ** I bought this combo in February 2011 for my 2011 GT for $669 plus tax and shipping (around $750) from here: By the time I got it and installed them, it was mid March. By mid May I removed them to...
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    2011 5.0 GT Premium....For Sale

    *** Car has been SOLD *** Hello guys, I am selling my pristine 5.0 GT I bought the car at the end of August 2010 and since then have only put 2000 miles on the car. It was my weekend car. Never driven in the rain, never smoked in, never eaten in. Car doesn't have even so much as a door ding...
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    5.0 stock dynos 91 vs 93 octane.

    Still can't figure out why I can't add pictures to my posts on this site, otherwise I'd post the dynos here. But since I can't, gotta do this: 5.0 GT Stock dynos 91 octane vs 93 octane - The Mustang Source - Ford Mustang Forums 381.9 rwhp 371.9 rwtq 438 miles on car, 91 octane, 5th...
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    Brembo Brake Package Wheels & Tires....For Sale

    *** SOLD *** I am selling my brand new wheels and tires off of my 2011 Mustang GT with Brembo Brake package. I literally bought the car and drove directly to the tire store and had my aftermarket wheels and tires mounted 30 minutes later. They have 31 miles on them. They are factory new, not...
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    Gintani Stage 2 573 rwhp e92 M3 DCT

    owner friend of mine wants to do some rolling runs (40-130+ and 60-130+) with a GT500. His car has run a 11.45 @ 130ish mph at the track. He wants to meet up with someone who has a modded/tuned (Kenne Bell, etc) GT500 and see how he compares. The DCT tranny gives him a big advantage, as...
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    GT500 wheels and Goodyear F1 Supercar tires....FOR SALE

    These are now: ***** SOLD ***** These are OEM 19 x 9.5 inch Forged wheels with the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires. Taken off of a GT500 with about 475 or so miles on them. They have not been dismounted and still come with the TPMS sensors included and still installed. Tires are...
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    Would these look good on the 2011 GT

    Post deleted by OP post deleted by the OP.
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    FS: Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires....

    practically brand new with only about 475 miles on them Off a new GT500 255/40/19 front 285/35/19 rear I bought these for the GT500 wheels, but don't need the tires, as I've already bought tires for it. So I'm selling these tires. I will have them dismounted upon finding a buyer for them...
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    Removing the side and/or hood stripes??

    I ordered the side and hood stripes on my 11 GT. On the commercial and on the website they look like solid flat black stripes. However a member here posted a pic that I noticed had the word MUSTANG carved out on the side stripes. I don't care for that AT ALL. To redundant and not...
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    Is it lame to put

    2010/2011 GT500 wheels on a 2011 GT? I like the looks of the stock 2010/2011 GT500 wheels and like that they are 1/2 wider than the 19 x 9 inch Brembo Brake package wheels on the 2011 GT. This allows going to wider tires in the rear. They are also forged (and though nobody seems to know)...
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    2011 Brembo Brake Pack may in fact

    come with more than just the brakes, wheels/tires, and more lenient stability interference. A couple of months ago I kept thinking, "I wonder if Ford did anything more for the 2011 GT with the Brembo Brake package than they are stating in the spec/order sheets." I wondered if there was any...
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    2010/2011 GT500 owners. How much do

    the 19 x 9.5 inch standard GT500 wheels and tires weigh? I'm most interested in the weight of the wheels themselves, but if you've weighed both the wheels and tires, I know the front tires are 26 lbs and the rears 29 lbs so I can just do the math. Thanks all.
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    2010/2011 GT500 Wheels weigh?

    Not the SVTPP wheels but the standard 19 x 9.5's Anybody weigh the wheels? Or anybody weigh the wheel and tire combo both front and rear? Thanks
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    2011 GT drop springs, coilovers, etc.

    I'll be looking to lower the car by about 3/4"-1" I don't want a ground scraper, tire rubbing, go over speed bumps at a 45 degree angle at 1 mph type drop, but still want something that drops the car a bit. Anybody drop their 2011 a bit yet, or put coilovers on? I'd love to see pics of which...