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Aug 5, 2021 at 8:45 PM
Apr 15, 2004
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    1. MachMech
      I am building an unintentionally, but astoundingly similar 2003 DSG Mach myself right down to the compression ratio and cams you listed on the centrifugal pulley thread. Could I bother you to share what size injectors you ran on your 10.1:1 motor? I have the 42lbs that come with the Procharger kit, but don't think they're enough. I am leaning toward 60lb, but some suggest 80s.
      1. DSG2003Mach1
        Because I was also building for E85 I went from 60lb to ID1000s . With the stock motor and P1 @ 10psi I had 60lb injectors, not sure how much room they had at ~500rwhp because the dual terminator pumps were almost done (didnt have a BAP).
        Jun 22, 2021
    2. Maxjets
      Thanks for the heads up on the scammer. I will not pay anyone for anything without some verifiable contact. His pics he sent me were from another FB site.
      1. DSG2003Mach1 likes this.
      2. DSG2003Mach1
        you can't see all the info if browsing from your phone but from a laptop I could see he had joined the same day he made that post. Pretty much anyone in the marketplace trying to get you text/email and has a super recent join date with only a post or two is a scammer.
        Jun 9, 2021
    3. 2640 GT500
      2640 GT500
      What’s goin on, I just moved to Orlando a few months ago and have been trying to find a forum with active people or active Orlando group. If you get a chance to shoot me a msg with the what’s what of Orlando/Mustang would be appreciated.
    4. DSG2003Mach1
      yep, sure is
    5. lady_in_red
      is your mach in lamotta right now?
    6. DSG2003Mach1
      the magnum really depends on how hard ya spin it, a 6lb lower seems to be the bare minimum. I went from a stage 4 ported eaton to this and it makes a little more power across the board but starts to walk the eaton in the upper rpms. If you go over to Lightningrodder.com theres LOTS of information on these, theres a pretty damn big thread dedicated to it and I posted my dyno graphs in there, they have my MP dyno on the same chart as my Eaton dyno (same tuner, same dyno, different days/weather) and detailed mod list.
    7. camomangd
      how good does that magnumpowers do ...im putting the 5.4 in my mustang and i have a magnum and was wanting to know how well it does
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    Central Fl
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    03 Mach1
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    No - Please do not link any words in posts I make.
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    4.6 DOHC V8
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    built motor, blower cams,D1,full exhaust, return style fuel system


    03 Mach 1 - MPR 9.5:1 motor, cams, ported intake, full exhaust, D1, magnum t56, 31 spline rear etc...
    12 FX2 F150 - ecoboost, super crew