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    New Metallica album droppin and new tour!

    got my "One" package ticket for the Dallas show next year, which I didnt think was gonna happen after I was sitting in the presale line for almost 30 minutes before it got to me.
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    Unsanctioned Racing, Opinions? Big if true.

    Maybe if it’s somehow more interesting than NASCAR which I don’t watch
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    ya that stuff was floating around when it all was going down, I was disappoint
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    New Metallica album droppin and new tour!

    Saw a response from their IG account they will not be doing other headlining tours and MIGHT perform at a festival/show here and there
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    New Metallica album droppin and new tour!

    agreed but also think much heavier stuff has gone mainstream which kind of amplifies that. I saw their Zazula tribute show a few weeks back with just stuff off the first two albums and it was awesome. regardless of the new stuff being softer, they still put on a killer live show. I grabbed my...
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    Gmail Alternatives

    the privacy aspect and that they don't mine your data were selling points on proton mail for me
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals | What did you Score???

    forgot I also bought the Milwaukee M18 inflator earlier this month which seems pretty nice so far FYI @ Home Depot - if they have tools on sale where it's something like "buy this two battery pack w/ charger for $200 and pick a free tool" or "buy this tool and pick a second tool free" and don't...
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    Engine won't start until fuel pressure comes up..... advice needed

    the problem with that is you'll have fuel at the motor and nothing in the rest of the line, wouldnt be surprised if it fires up then sputters and stalls. If the line isn't pressurized from basically tank to motor I dont think you'll fix the issue
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    SVE Coilovers experience

    even if they ride decent I would be concerned about future availability of shocks/struts to work with that kit, that would be something I'd ask them.
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    Gmail Alternatives

    that gives me anxiety lol. I've been hard core unsubscribing here lately. With Protonmail I think I get either 5 or 10 addresses but they all go to a main box. So I can set up say, [email protected] and have it go to it's own sub folder for my main email address and use that email for...
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    Welp…there goes the narrative.

    like they won't just discredit or completely ignore it while forcing their agenda on us. Concern for the planet has nothing to do with it
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    Car ramps

    I had all that and got rid of it. Getting all that crap out, lining it up etc… more time than it was worth. I now have 4 of the small little ramp ups and can jack the whole car up if needed. Works better than board under the front tire s
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    Gmail Alternatives

    I went to protonmail and slowly moving things over No complaints so far (about a year in)
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    Car ramps

    Was gonna suggest this for things that don’t need stupid low clearance. Had a set of rhino ramps for forever that work fine other than wanting to slide on the finished garage floor (they don’t have that foot print)
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    New Metallica album droppin and new tour!

    I was wondering when the hell they’d release another one. Overall not bad, the whole rhyming thing is a little corny though