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    True Forged is back baby!

    Kick ass. Now when I screw one up, I can get a replacement hoop!
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    WTB JL Audio Stealthbox

    Got one! Thanks!
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    WTB JL Audio Stealthbox

    PM sent
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    WTB JL Audio Stealthbox

    In search of a 94-04 JL Audio stealthbox for a coupe. Can be empty. Thanks!
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    WTB: Stock 03/04 Cobra Alternator Pulley

    Anyone have one laying around? Thanks, Alex
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    2003 Cobra Mod Mafia Performance Built Dyno Video

    Hey, Finally got the new engine on the dyno and it does pretty well! Engine Specs are: Teksid aluminum block, .020" over, Oliver Standard Light rods with 7/16" WSB bolts, H13 .200" wall wrist pins, custom Diamond pistons, 3V windage tray, TSS billet gears, modified primary steel chain...
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    JLT, OEM Parts, MSD, RJS

    Hello SVTers, I have some stuff laying around I would like to sell. Questions? please ask. All come from 28k mile 03 Cobra unless specified. Alex :beer: NOTE: This stuff will not ship until after the holidays. All ISOs from a 03 Cobra. $35 shipped Stock 03 Cobra fuel rails $40 shipped...
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    5.0 Mag E85 Article

    Took a quick peek in the section about this topic, but hope I didn't miss anything. I was reading an article in the latest 5.0 (OCT 2013 pg 68) and it basically said that on E85, rich (9.9) or lean (13.0), it will create essentially the same power (difference of only 7hp in favor of the lean)...
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    Heading South

    Good Day SVTers, House is empty. New place is rented in Milton FL. Getting ready to JDM style tape the Cobra. T-8 days till I leave WA. I am looking forward to actually driving my Cobra and meeting up with some folks down there. Cheers :beer: Alex
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    Paint Protection During Transport

    Good Evening SVTers, Did a search and didn't see much chatter about it and I put it here because I want to keep the show and the shine:rockon:. I am getting ready to transfer from WA to Pensacola FL for flight school and I am trailering my Cobra behind the new EB F150. Now I have looked at...
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    Picked up a EB Screw FX4

    Loved these trucks and when I saw this ones styling package, I had to have it. I originally went looking for a platinum. Long warranty keeps the mods off, but I have tinted the front windows and added Line-X professional. This thing rocks! Oh and it almost matches my DSG so that makes it the...
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    1996 Mystic Cobra (16k miles)

    Sold Local!
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    '96/'03 Pictures (sisters)

    Sisters Jean (Grey) and Jane. Had the 96 for about a year now and they have never been next to each other. Camera sucks and lighting is equally garbage, but you get the point. Mystic is stripped and has no wax on it. DSG engine bay is spotless, but with the sun/camera, it looks dirty. '96 has...
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    IMRC to Head Gasket Help

    Good evening, I have been searching everywhere for these gaskets for my 96 Cobra from IMRC to head (aluminum IMRC). Every auction on ebay doesn't have them in stock. Mike R from Tousley cannot get them anymore (discontinued). Felpro is out of stock and the other one that Autozone has (starts...