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    ISO/WTB: Original Bassani mufflers

    Can you send me a pic of the mufflers? shoot me a text when you get a chance 203-725-7100
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    ISO/WTB: Original Bassani mufflers

    Looking for the original style (2.5") Bassani mufflers that have the bassani tags welded on them. Preferably center in/center out to fit an IRS catback.
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    Anybody remember the Bayway Lincoln cobras from Texas?

    Trying to dig up some history on the owners of Bayway Lincoln down in Texas. I believe they had several 03/04's as well as a cougar and a few other cars. My silver 10th was previously owned by them for about 8 years or so and I think it was a pretty well known car. Back when they had it, I...
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    Back in the game, my silver 10th

    It's been a while since I've posted. Some may know my redfire has been gone for sometime but I am happy to say I'm back with a silver 10th. Bought the car with 23k miles and a steggy stage 7 with minor bolt ons. The car now has a 2.9 @18psi on 93. I couldn't be happier. Sorry for the crappy...
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    strange intermittent missfire/popping especially on hot starts

    I've been struggling to find the cause of this intermittent misfire my car has been having. I've changed all the plugs and coils as well as adding 60lb injectors before my retune. I will also add that the car had the issue with the old coils plugs and stock injectors. It tends to pop and stumble...
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    3.4 whipple and supporting mods

    Selling my standard inlet 3.4 whipple and supporting mods. I will separate these items or sell as a package. All parts have about 1000 miles on them and were purchased new this spring. Everything functions perfectly and the only reason I am parting with these items is to return my 03 back to...
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    End of the season Mooch pics. Redfire in its prime

    It's been a while since I've posted, so what better reason to come back than to post some awesome shots mooch took this weekend. They came out incredible as always and I can't thank him enough. Enjoy
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    Outerlimits goes airborn at lake of the ozarks shootout

    Not sure how many of you follow these events, but they are quite something to say the least. Just a reminder of how fast things can change on the water, especially at 160+mph. Both Joel and mike are super lucky to be in stable condition. Goes to show how well outerlimits builds their boats. It...
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    The new business shoes...terminator dressed in drag

    Finally got my wheels in and mounted. They will be sent to champion for beadlocks at some point, I couldn't wait any longer to put them on. They will get a black beadlock ring to help match the fronts. But I'm super happy with the look, pictures don't do them justice. Enjoy :beer:
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    FS: (4) OEM 17x9 chrome cobras

    No longer available
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    WTB/WTT for (2) 17x10.5 chrome 03/04 cobras

    I have (2) OEM Chrome 17x9 cobras that I will trade+cash for a pair of 17x10.5 chromes. I will also buy outright if seller does not want to trade. Center caps not included
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    Finally a member of the 800rwhp club

    Well after building the motor last year, 650whp with the 2.3 wasn't enough to scratch the itch. So I spent the last 6 months taking it all apart and putting together the new setup. As follows: Built 281 / stock compression bullet custom grind cams Gen II 3.4 standard inlet BA3000...
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    Magnafuel vs Fuel Lab vs parallel Walbros ?

    I'm getting close to finishing my car but I've been hung up on this fuel system. I have a BBRC sumped tank and I cannot decide which pump will be the most streetable. I can't find much recent info/results on which route is the best. I've been leaning toward the Fuel Lab 1800hp prodigy pump with...