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    2014 DIB Red Stripe Superman GT500

    All options but glass roof Maintained meticulously 5980 miles currently $57,500.00
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    Throttle unresponsive revisited

    Well, it did it to me again today. I was leaving my brother's house, and killed it trying to back up on the street. Started it back up and it did it again. At this point I was worried because I haven't stalled my car in a really long time. I decided to coast down the street and flip a u turn...
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    2015 Mustang build schedule

    FYI - I haven't seen this here yet, so I thought I would share it. 2014 Last Build Date 20 June 2014 - GT500 has already ceased production 2015 Mustang Order Bank Opens 13 May 2014 2015 Mustang Build Scheduling Starts 12 June 2014 2015 Mustang JOB1 11 August 2014 dates are...
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    Tire question- Im sorry, I know. Top End

    I throw up a little every time I see a new thread on tires, so imagine the irony asking about the same damn subject. BUT, I think my question is valid, and should be easily found rather than buried in one of the countless other threads we have covering tires. Ive gone back and read most...
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    Explorer Sport Section?

    I suppose we could just use the Taurus SHO section, but as an owner of both, I will say they sure seem different enough to have their own sections. I know neither is a true SVT, but if you have an SHO section.....just asking.:shrug:
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    2013+ GT500 signed by Carroll?

    Im just curious how many of you have either acquired an airbag cover or visor, that was signed by CS before he passed. To be open and honest, I have an airbag cover he signed, but obviously it wasnt in the car, just good planning on my part. Im struggling whether to put it in the car, or...
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    Texas Mile and (yet another) 13-6 review

    As I have been reminded in another thread- Its been done. So now that the obvious has been stated, since results tend to vary slightly, I always like having a larger collection of data to pool so that a definitive expectation can be placed on a given mod. Revan Racing, (Van) and I decided to...
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    Possible 13-14 problem?

    So running an event this weekend we had over 40 Shelby's of all types, and 3 2013-14 gt500s. The 13 and a brand new 14, like a month old, both stock had the following happen- Start the car, the gas pedal does not a damn thing. Like the pedal is dead. Turn the car off, restart fixed the...
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    Why are some of you taking the clutch assist spring out?

    I have read all of the threads on how to do it. Im good with that. My question is WHY? I assume it actually makes the clutch pedal stiffer? Yes? I am really happy with the clutch feel on my 2014. its a tad more deliberate than the 2008 feels. Its not soft. Its not too hard. Am I in...
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    A couple questions- cutout and oil separator.

    Guys, I searched the site, searched google, searched other sites, and spent the last 10 days or so reading every thread 20 pages back or so. Hey knowledge is power, right?! Great stuff ive learned, thanks for all that, but a couple things I want to clarify- 1. Cant find much on anyone...
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    2014 DIB and Red striped added to stable!

    Well, some of you know me around the interwebforumnet. This is my 3rd S197, had a 2008 GT500 vert, black red stripe. Then had a 2011 GT350 R tune, and sold it the moment I rode in a 2013, and ordered my current GT500. Im a regional director over at Shelby's forum, but the amount of good...