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  • hey i have 03 cobra with 42k miles, I bought a stage 4 stiegemeier eaton blower and im looking to see what supporting mods i would need to run 530-550Rwhp.

    Current Mods:
    Jlt high boost Cold air
    Borla Catbacks
    LFP Heat Exchanger
    SCT hand held tuner
    making 402Rwhp 387Rwtq

    Mods waiting to go on so far:
    LFP Head Cooling Mod
    Bassani stainless steal O/R X pipe
    2.76 Bulletflow pullies with all idlers
    accufab throttle body and penlum

    looking for what kind of 60 pound injectors to get
    and a kenne-bell boost-a-pump to get

    i am wondering if i need any more supporting mods please help!!
    I called and asked for Bob @ 2:35 AZ time on Monday 10-15. Whomever answered said Bob was porting and would call me back.

    I have a 54k mile 04 Cobra that I have owned since new. I just had the best tuner in southwest install a 3.1 pulley and tune and was absolutely blown away with results. I am fairly mechanically inclined and was motivated to "Home Port" my blower. The blower was just about completely removed so I figured i would call my tuner and ask him for porting tips....well the response i got was less than enthusiastic. He said to call you asap to send it in......
    Pls call me asap

    Current mods are:
    kn fipk plus dryer vent hose from fog lamp
    3.1 upper stock lower
    magnaflow cat back
    custom tuned dyno road chip

    my goal is to get as much hp and torque by porting blower but I don't want to have to add support mods like extender and bap and ect...That is why I just want to keep the 3.1.....

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