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    Kamala in North Korea

    A) those are airmen, so they don't count. B)pretty sure air force 2 can't land in Pyongyang.
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    ian naples fla destroy supercars
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    BRaptor Gets More BOOOOOOST!!!! | JB4 Device Install at 5 Star Tuning

    The stock ST's come with a manual trans only. The bitchbaby reperposed Explorer and Edge sports are NOT ST's. /end rant.
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    My SVT Terminator

    Works now.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Awesome night in Soldier Field watching a 2+ hour show from Rammstein!
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Country is some hillybilly bullshit..... said while currently waiting for Korn to come onstage.
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    Bought a second Turo car...

    Wut? Are you complaining about Turo in your post? There are more twists and turns than a '50's dance.
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    HELP! Airbag Light On After Seat Swap

    Do you have pictures of this setup?? I've been wanting Recaros since I bought the car, but they are unobtanium from 2011-2014.
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    Haters Step Inside...007 awaits.

    When you get used to it, and then you come down to a normal altitude, you feel like a superhuman!
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    Haters Step Inside...007 awaits.

    I took the Shelby to Pikes Peak and floored it in 2nd gear on the last straight before the peak... a whopping 2 psi!
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    2005 Lotus Elise | Retro Review

    Always wanted one of these.
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    Haters Step Inside...007 awaits.

    Coming from Colorado previously, I can tell you that DA doesn't affect TT cars NEARLY as much as SC'd cars, or even NA cars. It does have an effect but it is almost negligible.
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    Someone blew up the Georgia Guide Stones.

    Gotta get the votes somehow. Politics are ruining this country.