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  • Just had a few questions on a 6r80 swap for a gt500 saw that u had plenty experience on this so wanted to keep u in my contacts thano buddy my number is 830-352-9966 you can shoot me your number I'm barely starting to look for a used unit so I can shoot u messages when the time arrives thanx again
    Hey, I just sent Sai a msg on here. I do not think he is on very often. Can you give Sai a heads up for me? Much appreciated if you can. Thank you.
    I need help adjusting my exhaust. Don't know what I'm doing wrong or if I need a little more bend in my pipes over the rear end. Everything I do it keeps hitting my rear axle.
    Hey. My birthday is oct30.... anyway. I tig with a lincoln 225 air cooled at work. WhT is your set up and the secret to your welds? I can get close to yours on s.s but my aluminum sucks.

    any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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