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    WANTED...... CUX2

    I am in need of a CUX2 pcm. I have no where to look. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Sct ba 2400 maf

    It is slightly used maybe 5000 miles on it. 150.00 shipped
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    Where do you buy obsolete parts... I need

    a barometric pressure sensor fo a 2000 lightning.
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    problem hopefully not big....Help

    my truck has been a work in progress for some time, finally got it running. after my mechanic started the truck he put it in gear and the oil filter blew off and dumped the oil. the oil filter is all bulged. my mechanic has never seen this before but heard of it. i have neither both. we...
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    SS Bassani catback

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    looking for magnaflow catback

    this is for 2000 lightning. looking for the best price but don't know where to look.
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    has anybody heard from madenterprise.

    I have been trying to get a hold of Mike Dunn but the number on the site is no good.
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    trouble with mishimoto radiator

    Anyone have trouble with fitment on the transcooler lines?
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    Bassani High Flow Cats

    Used SS bassani high flow cats in excellent cindition. Wanting 225.00 shipped. Scott
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    bassani headers with bassani high flow cats

    Used bassani equal length, ceramic coated, shorty headers with the high flow cats. I would like to get 500.00 for both. Will separate if I get a buyer for both. I will get pics as soon as I can. They are at the shop where my truck is getting a makeover.
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    Built 5.4L Shortblock

    It is a Lightning Block, bored .30 over with a set of custom Diamond pistons and rings for a 10:1 compression. I wanted more power out of the motor with less boost. Forged H beam rods, and a polished Lightning Crank. This shortblock has ZERO miles, and is brand new. Done right decked, honed with...
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    B/N Canton Oil Pan and Windage Tray

    Brand new pan and tray. Pan #16-780 with ford #F55E-8823-AA. Works with 5.4 and 4.6. The tray #20-939. 250.00 shipped OBO. Need pics PM me an address.
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    Typical Politics

    I saw this on another site. Quite funny. Enjoy!!! Why did the chicken cross the road? BARACK OBAMA: The chicken crossed the road because it was time for change! The chicken wanted change! SARAH PALIN: Where's my shotgun? JOHN MCCAIN: My friends, that chicken...
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    99-00 lightning rims

    I have 99-00 rims that have been chemically stripped. They are ready for any paint or powdercoat. Asking 250.00 shipped I will have pics posted later.
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    Hard Bed Cover & Aftermarket Hood

    I have a pro sport innovations hard cover for sell. It is red. There is 1/2in. chip and some scratches in the paint. It has carpeting on the underside, new struts and brake light. Only one lock works. I will not ship this. I am in AZ. I am asking 425.00. I have a red reflexxion hood for...