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    Stock Mid-Pipe for 03-04 SVT Cobra (would like to buy)

    hey fellow peeps! i will make this short and sweet, i was wondering if anyone has a stock mid-pipe w/cats for the 03-04 terminator they would like to get rid of? i am interested so please pm me or hit me up at 580-713-9659 and we can make a deal! thanks everyone! :-D
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    My 3 Girls... New DD inside!

    i finally finished (for now until the fiance will allow more :-D) putting the dd together... wanted to share the joy with everyone! :beer: my new ride - 06 subaru sti (aspen white) exterior mods - ings+1 front bumper, seibon hood, chargespeed sideskirts, volk 2-piece wheels (gt-7), rally...
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    Fish Owners Come Inside...

    i've kind of picked up a new hobby... raising fishes (arowanas to be exact)! enjoy the vid and plz share your pet fish(es)! :beer: i currently have a silver arowana (the bigger one, around 7-8 inches) and a golden jardini (the smaller one, 3-4 inches), both are carnivores and will eat...
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    Spring Cleaning Vid

    i finally got a day off from work today and decided to put some time in washing both of the rides... about 4 hours later, they were done! :beer: enjoy! if you have "clean" rides that you want to share plz post! :coolman:
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    Steeda Front Splitter on its way!!!

    i just wanted to share my good news with my other family... it should arrive sometime early next week; can't wait! :rockon: plz look for updated pics of the cobra once i get it painted/mounted on! :beer: things to do this year - 1. skunk out the cobra (complete) 2. steeda front splitter...
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    My Cobra & Z33 Videos... Enjoy!!!

    i finally learned and got around to posting videos of my rides... enjoy!!! :beer: (beware - camera work (for rolling) is not the greatest... my buddy sucks :coolman:) YouTube - CIMG0856.AVI walk around of the cobra. YouTube - CIMG0857.AVI YouTube - CIMG0860.AVI...
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    Racing Fuel (110 Octane) Question

    i was wondering if it would be alright/safe to run 110 octane in a tuned cobra (tuned for 91/93)... the reason is, my town just got racing fuel on tap and i'm eager to try some! :rockon: thx!
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    work pictures... post pics of your profession!

    what do you do for a living? post pics and share your experiences! that's me and my buddy "taking a breather" (i'm the one on the left... laughing). patrolling through the valleys of afghanistan... seeking out the bad guys! :rockon: one of my NCOs spending quality time with the...
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    regrets for selling past ride(s)... any?

    does anyone have any regrets selling a past love? please share. here is my regret, my 05 acura TL... still missing her. :( sportin' her spring/summer/fall wheels. rear side view. close view of the versus front bumper. sooo sexy!!! comptech supercharger... damn...
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    back for R&R... updated pics of my rides!

    well, i'm back for R&R and got to see my "girls" again... enjoy the pics! :coolman: just got done installing the afco h/e. the cobra is sportin' the new raxiom taillights + "cobra" rear bumper inserts. a closer look at the volks te37s seibon "limited" edition wheel... nice...
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    new shoes on the COBRA!!! + 350z pics

    well guys, here are the pics of the new te37s on the cobra as promised. i also threw in a couple pics of my other girl the 350z; a hint of JDM with american muscle! today was such a beautiful, but chilly, day for photos; all pics came from my buddy's expensive yet awesome camera. ENJOY...
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    Volk Seibon Edition TE37 Time Attacks

    the wheels/rubbers are going to be in this wednesday... can't wait!!! here are some pics of them prior to shipping. let me know what you think. enjoy! 19 x 10.5 +22 19 x 9.5 +22 275/35ZR19 Nitto INVO 305/30ZR19 Nitto INVO "The Dream Team"
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    yellow foglights #???

    i would like to know if anyone knows where to buy yellow foglights for an 03 cobra? and also what is the number of the bulb for those foglights? thanks.
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    volk te37 time attack wheels

    i got a dying question to ask. my cobra will soon be sporting a set of volk te37 time attacks (just had to go import with the wheels) and was wondering if my set of 19x9.5 +22 (front) and 19x10.5 +22 (rear) will sit proper with 275s (front) and 305s (rear) without rolling the fenders? this is...