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  • D'oh, I probably should've been a little more specific lol. I'll send you some pics. Thanks for the link btw, I do like those mufflers (especially for the price) and the tips look awesome but they're a bit quiet. I don't know whether I should hold off and wait for the KRs or jump on those.......arghhh
    Hey man! I texted you but I don't think you got my message. I got the Stang a couple of weeks ago, it's 2007 with 68k miles with every option minus cupholder lighting and 3.55s (which I wish it had...) . I love it so far, I just need to find some Shelby KR mufflers to open up it's lungs because it is way too damn quiet.
    Nice. Quite a drive out there but manageable if I'm out visiting Mom in the Sutter Creek area maybe. We'll all have to get together when the weather gets better.

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