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  • Question regarding your set up. I plan on doing the same tire size, but if I went with a 305 is it possible that I will rub or would I be ok. I may do the H&R race spring
    Hey, I seen were you posted about you hr sport spring install. I got the hr race and not happy with the drop and have mm isos all in place. I've heard take isos out completely or put stock isos back in. Are you happy with the ride quality and drop of the sports with the mm isos? Just trying to decide what to do and was thinking about the same setup you had. Anyway you could measure ground to fender both front and rear for me? I have a set of boze wheels on the way and want to get her setting pretty! I am in NC too:) thanks Jason
    Hey bro, just seen this message, I don't get on here too often. Love that mystichrome! You go to any events around?
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