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  • Hi, so Ive watched your youtube videos and you've got an awesome collection! Im about to order a set of replica wheels from LMR like you did, what size tires did you go with? the nt05 only come in 275/35/18. Just don't want issues with rubbing or speedo.
    thanks again
    I’m not at home to check, but I’m pretty sure my tires are 275s. They are actually skinnier than the OEM BFG KD 265s. I would go with 285 next. I made a thread in the R section back when I did the swap.
    So for some reason the mods wont let my replies to stay. They keep deleting my posts and sending me punishments for telling the one mod who gave you crap a hard time.
    Hello Rick! I tried sending you a pm, but was unable. Not sure if you have PMs turned off in your settings. Send me a pm.
    I have what I think is a very rare SVT terminator pre delivery document, haven't come across another one anywhere online, can I send you a picture of it?
    Saw in a post you made back in the fall that you would be selling your mystic vert in the spring. I am searching for one. Do you still have it and want to sell?

    Hi Goose17,
    440sprint here! I have been away for some time but would like to be able to resume my lifetime membership at the FordGT500 forum.
    I understand that you will send me a new password and instructions on how to resume my membership there.
    My email is [email protected].

    Jim Reaves
    Hi goose ,
    I am assuming my kr post was removed because I forgot to add my info I appologize for that but I don't appreciate being called a scammer by the person who posted in my add I've been a member fir a long time am not a scammer . I bought those parts a long time ago when I had my kr bought those along time ago did t realize they were on eBay for sale but anyway I sold them and don't appreciate people assuming shit .againi appologize for the mistake I am an honest individual thank you for you're time . I'm not mad at you lol just explaining and angry at people that are quick at assuming thing or accusing people
    blackcad55, I tried PMing you your new password, but you cannot receive PM's. I called 03reptile and he said he had your number at home (possibly). I will not post your password here in the visitor area since all can see it. I also will not email it since I don't give out my email address. Have you tried the "forgot my password" option?

    I created a custom password for you, but there is no good way for me to get it to you until you can accept PM's here.
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