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    Wait, what? Was that a human body!?

    The greatest american hero, showing my age here!
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    Bought a new 2021 Trackhawk

    Borla Type S is the ticket!
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    "I just want to lay on a beach and relax" and other stupid vacations....

    Anyone ever do Hedonism in Jamaica? Asking for a friend.
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    Car Audio- and "Growing Up"

    That is some swap meet shit right there!
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    New Year Goals

    1) Work Less 2) **** more
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    Bought a new 2021 Trackhawk

    Bob, original color was granite crystal metallic. The storm grey almost looks white depending on lighting.
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    Bought a new 2021 Trackhawk

    @biminiLX Here are before and after, I wrapped it storm grey, which is why the second pic is different from top pic. The Eibach springs give it a consdierable difference.
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    Who here knows rings? Things like diamond color, clarity, etc. I have one I want to sell, but i'm clueless. 1.02 carats

    Jewelry/watch market can be tough. I just unloaded a bunch of timepieces that gave me quarters on the dollar. Consider taking the ring to a local jeweler to have them rate the diamond.
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    Bought a new 2021 Trackhawk

    Springs leveled it out and gave it just enough of a drop to give it a more aggressive look. Zero changes in ride quality too. I’ll dig up some before and after.
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    Building a house

    Close neighbors?
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    Bought a new 2021 Trackhawk

    Congrats, sold mine a few months ago. They are fun. First mod Eibach trackhawk springs, AFE intake. Enjoy, they are boogie machines.
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    I did a thing... Dodge Content..

    Cognrats Love smoke show.
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    Current New Vehicle Market

    I ordered a King Ranch Tremor F350 diesel and am receiving rebates. There are SOME deals out there.
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    F that car dealer!

    Said vehicle Which was at $109k last week
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    F that car dealer!

    $10k ADM, which I can live with. They told me I had to make 6 payments before paying off.