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    CF still delayed?

    Carbon fiber package, and all out of the forged wheels. Just ordered mine In Avalanche Grey Supercab without. I did order the orange accent package which replaces most of what would have been carbon with an orange colored aluminum, so I doubt I'll miss the carbon.
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    Something Our Highways Definitely Need.

    Left-lane slowpokes drive you crazy? - MSN Money
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    Woo hoo, I'm moving to Germany

    Yep, the land of the Autobahn. I just received notification, I will be heading to Geilerkirchen, Germany in July for a nice 3 year tour.
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    BLOWNLS3 goes down

    I was cruising down the road when I noticed a Blue C6 Vette quickly catching up in my rear view. He quickly caught up and threw me a rev, so I threw one back. We were at abou 45mph, so I downshifted into 2nd gear, then hit the brake and gas pedal at the same time to build up some boost. He...
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    Who wants to go to a BBQ? I've got the honey. :eek::eek::eek:
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    I got a new soap dispenser.

    What do you think?
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    Any Blow through MAF kit for the Hellion?

    Like the title says, I am currently deployed, which means I'm saving up a little more money for some additional mods to the Cobra. I am tired of the stalling issue I have with the Hellion kit and want to convert to a blow through system. I did a search and found some good stuff, but I was...
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    Looks like my house is getting egged tonight

    Yep, definitely getting egged. I'm deployed to Qatar, so my wife did the halloween treat shopping. She bought a bunch of bags of little pretzles to hand out:??: Kids don't want pretzels, they want candy. She might as well have bought cans of creamed corn.:cuss:
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    Dad kills guy who tried to rape his daughter

    Time to give this guy a medal.
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    Bought a new car

    Well, after getting rid of my four wheelers and PCSing from Nevada to South Carolina I didn't really have the need for my Expedition any more (gas prices didn't help any either). So, after looking at the BMW 335 coupe and the Audi A5 I went with the Audi, and after a 5 month wait she finally...
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    Turbo went bad with only 600 miles

    I noticed a bit of smoking on startup and when I checked my oil I was nearly 2 quarts low from when I changed my oil about 200 miles ago:eek: I had everything checked out, no oil in my PCV system, and no oil leaks. When the turbo was pulled there was a bit of play with the wheel, so it...
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    Crickets in the tranny

    Hopefully someone can help me out. When I am driving the car I hear what sounds like crickets...a constant chirping sound. When I press the clutch in just a little it goes away. It happens in all gears. I have a STEEDA adjustable clutch quadrant but am not really sure how to adjust it (I...
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    C6 Z06 goes down

    There I was, cruising down the road listening to some tunes. It was a beautiful day here, temps in the low 50's (The Beast loves cold air) and sunny with lots of wind. Anyways, I was just messing around when I noticed a Black Vette in my rearview. I could tell he was trying to catch up by...
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    Check gas cap light is on

    I noticed a few weeks ago I noticed my check gas cap light had come on (it was hard to see because it is behind my AF gauge on my steering column). I checked my gas cap and it was fine. I disconnected my battery cable and then reconnected it and the light went out. I noticed today it was back...
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    Stalling's back

    Well, I think I've just about got everything sorted out. The car is running great except for the stalling issue when I get off the gas. I disconnected the battery and reconnected it. The car drove great for a while until the computer figured out its tune, then it started stalling again...