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    FS: 2003 Cobra Coupe - DSG - 48K Miles

    I sent you a PM . Let me know if you still got it
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    High horsepower (let's say 700+) guys; do you ever regret it?

    I kind of get what op is trying to say.. Long time ago I was having fun in 180hp celica needed more power. Fast forwards to today 670hp+ hp viper still wanting more power..... triple digit speeds are a lot easier to achieve now so the chances of getting into bigger trouble goes up for sure with...
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    2007 dodge charger srt8 for sale

    Updated , price 16K
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    2007 dodge charger srt8 for sale

    Probably nicest charger during this generation of chargers. 2 owner car only driven in nice weather and garage kept. upgrades intake exhaust tune weathertech floor matts wheels ( new tires as well) The car has 37K miles clean title. Call 630-615-1510 for more info ( Matt) Looking to get $18K
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    YouTuber Gets The Smackdown for Street Racing Videos

    I watched couple of the videos some of the place seemed pretty familiar where he was flying around ..... turns out he lives 5min from me.
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    So I started my own business ...

    I had my business for almost 7 years now. One thing I can say is be prepared to work your ass off, and business is never ending learning experience. When at work ask yourself all the time what can I be doing to move the business forward with my time.
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    Impractical V8 daily driver suggestions needed

    06-09 charger srt8 would be my choice
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    Trump's Proposed 25% Tariff On Steel

    Im looking forward to this deal passing, I am in trucking industry( have about 20 trucks) we haul aluminum coils all the time. If this passes more good paying loads for me.
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    Space Car....Literally

    whats the point of that ?
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    7:01 - The Story of Viper @ Ring

    Really Cool vid how everyone came together. Still bugs me little why dodge could not send it to the ring, I get the point why not but still it was a halo car that was coming to the end. If dodge was to do the run im pretty sure that 6:50 would have been done, which is mind blowing for a manual...
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    Self employed folks; healthcare?

    self employed , 2 kids under 3 years and a wife, im paying 1400 a month for a family of 4 .... each year the plans get worse and I have to pay more , its a joke !
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    2013 VIPER GTS for sale

    BUMP, new price
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    What is the world coming to ? wow ... maybe I will start giving a crap about my neighbors when they start paying my mortgage or my car payments, until then they can listen to my ride :)
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    Viper ACR goes 7:03 @ Ring!

    I think its super cool what they are doing, almost wish dodge would have done it to send it out with a bang so to speak. It would be pretty insane to break huracan performante lap time of 6:52 , i guess time will tell fingers crossed