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  • I don't want to say much on the auto swap bec I have not done it. I can say the physical swap shouldn't be hard, but getting it to all work IDK. The SRA swap is pretty straight forward. Is the 8.8 for a Cobra?? There are a few things you'll want to know. There are SRA swap threads that cover this. Search around and find it, it will be a big help. In short you'll need control arms for SRA, a Cobra pinion flange on your SRA, swap the Cobra IRS brakes onto your SRA, and SRA specific springs and shocks.
    Hey I saw in your sig that you switched to a SRA. I have an 01 vert and I just bought a built 8.8 and 4r70w racing tranny for it. How hard would it be for my to drop that tranny and rear end in? Anything particular I should be aware of? Thanks! I just posted a thread in the terminator talk forum as well.
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