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    Thoughts on brake caliper color please!

    I like when they match the car color.
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    Intermittent alternator charging

    I had issues on the main ground stud on motor mount. Stud had broken but did not fall out, causing strange issues till found
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    Interior squeeks and rattles.

    I've been lucky with tooth pics on radio benzel ,1 on each side Only see it if you were to stare for awhile , I have a drivers door rattle,if I put my elbow between seat and door it goes away or put windows up ,, Rear end was super loud, Did a set of gears myself for first time,just winged...
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    Heat issues (again)

    The radiator Was changed ,,how old is it? Radiator was my issue when running hot,, I found during testing ,while sitting at 220 plus air didn't help on radiator. To cool When I added cold water over it my Temps would fall like a rock , Than would cycle with low speed on/off as long as...
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    Loss of power car stumbling

    Another area over looked Ground from battery to radiator support,, This Ground is for the car ,will cause strange issues It burns up inside of casing where you can't see. See 3 wire upgrade,, I only did this wire. Made a major difference with getting full voltage to items
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    Loss of power car stumbling

    Fuel filter,if car sits alot Vacuum hose off, Air inlet tube loose at throttle body, Moisture in spark plug wells
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    98 mustang cobra issues (p0230 and wont turn over)

    More history may help. You said ccrm had been changed,, sounds like you have had some type of issues before working on it,, Is everything connected at throttle body,,I know mine won't run if air tube is off that has maf in it
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    98 mustang cobra issues (p0230 and wont turn over)

    The advantage with manual. It will tell you what the pcm seen to trigger code. Than tell what circuit to check. How to check the circuit,what machine to use and what settings Each test has an intro,, Here it gives wiring diagram to show pins your testing Codes are mostly electrical...
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    98 mustang cobra issues (p0230 and wont turn over)

    No,,I enjoy code chasing,, Having the book makes it easier,,but book is written for someone who went to ford's class,, Class is also in Chilton library free.
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    98 mustang cobra issues (p0230 and wont turn over) See if this opens,, These links keep getting shut down. Or will only open on my item, But new ways appear.. You may need to go in threw a library link. Which I had to do. The manual has everything Repair. Full wiring And code section
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    98 mustang cobra issues (p0230 and wont turn over)

    Po230. Ccrm. Ford pin point test X150. Have you checked all your fuses? Has po231 or 232 shown along with po230? This is for continuous code po230,, Points more to wiggle test on circuit Ford service manual. Powertrain/emissions diagnostic section is what has all the codes and repair...
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    Supercharger Crank Pulley/Cage Removal HELP!!!

    I use a bar in the transmission yoke to hold crank What's crazy is it only needs to bust loose. Than it comes off by hand. The other side of 14 mm Allen is a 2 inch pipe thread in to crank
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    First time overheating

    Asking in another thread for help.on your vehicle should be done with a new thread. When you go and start one, Look above section. Stickys, these are full of Information..each section has something different.. Talk section Engine section So on. See read before you post. How to...
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    Save my 04 or move on?

    Glad to see another daily driver, I've had the same success with ours ..we just passed 400k , Many tobs,but also drivers head issues .. Our bone yards here are flooded with this model now. But also south Texas,,no rust. My buddy's 65 is just as clean underneath as my 03 Wonder how hard it...
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    P1450 code

    Is this the only code? The sensor in our passenger fender on fire wall. Vacuum hoses on this 2 of them. Small line is known to break at nipple Larger line going to throttle body elbow. Fuel vapor line. Has this been replaced,, The oem will leave black sutt that don't clean off hand...