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    Power tools: corded or cordless

    I didn't have luck with Dewalt, Milwaukee was much better,and worked better with larger battery,, I'm still hesitant being these have changed so much , To stock pile one brand But when I used a battery chain saw and weed Wacker. The battery was so nice. No issues starting and weed Wacker...
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    Hot air blowing into floor

    ford manual has all the information needed , Will show what line does what and when . I don't recall air blowing when in off. our tundra is different, always blows air unless you hit recirculation button , Heat is always on being flow never stops ,this door here may be issue , Google svt...
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    Please help me out if you can. Car stumble, farts, and falls, then dies...

    Who did the fuel pump? Being a miss and falls flat. Fuel filter is another,, Assuming it was done with pump,, I know sometimes it's a pita to get off,,chance something like this happened? Looks clean on outside,, Will not set engine light, Coils getting weak. Same thing. Intermittently...
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    Mystery squeak... (low mile, stock 03 Cobra)

    Hard to say,, Vent rattle/squeak is my first thought, I have a tooth pick in mine,, There is somewhat of a fix on site, Amazing how it can be so loud and quiet with a touch in 1 spot
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    03 Cobra Swap in GT Help. P0171, P0174

    I would revisit the lower intake hose again ,and pcv hose and elbows ,, It's the only area to throw both banks lean , Google 03 cobra vacuum hoses documented. Pdf2 has full vacuum harness detailed. Routing of hoses maybe, Clogged or restricted hose. Vacuum harness is small and can be...
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    Reservoir leak? Is it common?

    Tank is known to crack on bottom. .when in hand you will see it. New tank is due,, Got mine off site vendor page , Recall it was fairly cheap at time ,,
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    Stock 03-04 cobra fan vs. GT

    I used a large washer, bolts in original hole,, It didn't move. Just looks. Assuming a flat plate would work also painted black
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    Stock 03-04 cobra fan vs. GT

    After my search I also seen all v8 use this fan I done the sve 3 core Added 170 deg tstat. My Temps are now lowest I've seen new . I do notice heat isn't as hot when cold weather comes. When at speed. 180 deg in any weather ac or not,,
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    Engine cooling fan recommendations

    Dorman, Side by side they are exactly the same.
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    Lights flickering

    Ground from battery terminal to radiator support.. I upgrades this. Mine burned inside casing. This helped me alot. Svt documents has service manual and wiring for us. Both small cell version and large version for PC.
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    49k miles Dark Shadow Gray Down for count. Any ideas on fix?

    Po148. I bank stuck lean at WOT, Clogged fuel filter Mass air flow sensor
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    Dome light issue

    Cool. My 03 was wd40 on drivers door only also.
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    Dome light issue

    And your sure head lamp switch is also turned to right past on ? Just a thought before diving into doors
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    5-30 oil... What are you guy's using

    I'm just past double those miles ,I remember 200k I was worried ,,now I'm just amazed
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    New Mower

    I've been pushing for 18yrs 1 1/2 arces .. Finally got a zero turn. Last summer at the end. Lowes had a major sale I got the Arians apex 52. Was 5300 and was tagged 3200. It's extremely over kill but sure beats pushing. Kawasaki 23hp 5 in tall 10guage steel deck. Over sized wheels...