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    Recommend me a good code reader gents!

    Maybe try a parts store to sacn. My hand tuner did the same thing, just not made for it. Times are changing, wonder if the cheap models do all this now. Like harbor fright/walmart Bosch I had paid alot for ,being it did some ford on demand testing.. Also. Is the cluster capable of self...
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    Brake Lights Not Working

    See if you can disconnect sections. Like rear set up you added. Or unplug all the lights. The mfs may operate I have an 07 caravan .. Fuel pump circuit has a short. Even with 12volts at pump it doesn't work . I ran a new wire directly from relay to pump and it works fine . I also had a...
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    Brake Lights Not Working

    Wiring diagram and tests in our factory manual will help you. If you don't have one. Use the library. I use Chiltons library, it host factory manuals free. I use mid-point library in Ohio. Link, , E resources leads to databases. Than to Chilton library Log in with library card number...
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    Steering position change after I sealed rear diff. Help

    I've played on mine with alignment at home. We banged a curb and wheel was tilted. For me I have the upper cam turned the most out ,and set toe to 0.. Both cam and toe will make steering wheel go left or right . Toe I just used a tape measure I scribed a line around wheel and measured...
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    Rear Brake hanging up

    Parking brake is another item along with rubber hose lines that happen.
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    Rear Brake hanging up

    Guide pins frozen?
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    Car at exhaust shop: suddenly no longer starting

    Check for 12 volts on injector wire for start. Use noid or test light to check signal. This will also confirm crank sensor is working Engine sensors are on a fuse. It's only thing that comes to mind first me. If by chance they welded on car . Fouled plugs will also not fire after...
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    Need help p308 code 03 cobra

    Does the connector clip on tight? And stay with gentle pull on harness ,, Think some others have had issue on engine harness main connector by fire wall.. Just something to look at since doing a swap already
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    Smoking Issue on New Engine

    Just a thought,, How did last engine blow,, Build up in mufflers may take a bit to burn out.
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    Mattress time!

    My wife forces me into a new bed, Been on a California king waterbed for 40 yrs, She has a bad back, Went with tempipudic hybrid, king size full mattress with adjustable base, It's been 6 months and just starting to like it. Should have went with California king ,feet hang over at times...
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    Looking for vacuum line photos Here is that pdf link for hoses, Some have had issues with green hose getting melted by egr tube, I had issues years ago on harness ,,I had removed it and checked each hose manually, A restriction in flow will...
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    Looking for vacuum line photos

    Our site has link for vacuum line,, Just Google.. 03 cobra vacuum hoses documented/ svtperformance Thread pops ups. The second pdf posted . Has full pics and descriptions, A must have
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    Stripped exhaust manifold thread

    Gasket. Was it metal? Oem steel works best imo, I used the paper gasket when installing,,lasted a week before blowing ,, Went back to oem and never a leak again
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    O/R X Pipe

    Funny,most like my car for the sound. Long tubes,or/x and flow masters.
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    HELP! What noise could this be!?

    Just something,, When my lower pulley gave out, I was getting a loud noise just in morning,, Under load,2k rpm ,sounded like valve train/belt tensioner rattle . With car off,,try to move belt forward and backwards,, I had almost an inch play. Is should not have any