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  • Hello, not sure if this is the best way to contact you but thought I'd give it a shot. I purchased a previous car of yours, low mileage 04 black whippled cobra. I bought the car in February of 2013 from the gentleman who purchased from you. He didn't have much info on the car other than pragerizing your thread post to relist the car. Anyway, I was kinda hoping you could help inform me a little more on the history of the car? I read the original listing post and found that to be quite helpful but was hoping to know where the car originally came from? Florida? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Jeff
    Were you originally Blownvert? I am looking at the DSG cobra DaveHutch has for sale with the built Teksid motor you had built with 10.2:1 compression (I am almost certain). I was just a little worried about that much compression with boost on PUMP gas?? Is that the for sure CR?

    Thanks, Mason.

    [email protected]
    Hello, I am looking at buying your old cobra you sold. The 2003 whipple. The guy who is selling it says that the diff is leaking and i was wondering if it was doing that when you had it? Were there any other problems with the set up? I saw it had a diff brace on it and am wondering why the diff would start to leak. Thanks a lot.
    Where are you located? I have a 96 cobra nice car tons of mods with recipes 46k on motor with recipes I have always wanted a 03/04 cobra I prefer black or matallic silver doesn't have to have crazy mods want a decent priced one I'm located in Washington I'm stationed at Lewis hope to hear back email is [email protected]
    so i here you are the guy to talk too about getting a cobra im looking to buy one in about 6 months i like black but do like all colours.looking for around 600hp clean car no i live in canada and need to learn more about shipping,prices etc.
    Did you get your HREs yet? I'm curious to see how they look with the SALEEN kit. I've been kicking around the idea of putting a SALEEN kit on mine. Welcome to the "HRE" club btw. There aren't many of us out there :coolman:
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