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    One Of The Nastiest Vettes On The Planet---Project Z Oh Sick Is For Sale

    As much as it pains me to do this; as stated in my project pic thread the car is officialy on the market after having only been completed a couple days. At this point in time my family could use the money much more than the trophies this car will win. I only hope someone will be able to truly...
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    In case you are unfamiliar with this several month project here is a link to the original thread. For the sake of not having to sort through 11+ pages I thought it...
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    Brand New in the Box Black Microsuede Corbeau LG1 Seats....Priced to Sell

    Brand new, never bolted up or had a bracket on them. These are Corbeau's top of the line reclining seat. The best in their lineup. Only taken out of the box to do the custom coloring on the lettering (orange-red). Still in original plastic and box. Lowest advertised price for a pair of these...
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    BNIB Black ACC 94-04 Mustang Carpet

    I have a new in the box black 94-04 carpet kit for coupe or vert. I'll take $100 plus ship
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    3 Piece 18" Silver True Forged Chicanes w/ Tires

    just trying to recoup some cash so I'm offering up a really nice set of TF's with nice used tires. Setup is fairly new and IMO a 9/10 overall. $2800 for wheels and tires. Buyer is responsible for shipping. Specs: True Forged 3 Piece Chicanes Silver painted spokes Polished lips...
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    House of Power Presents The Low Mile 04 Whipple With An Eaton Price!

    We at House of Power definitely realize that not everyone out there can afford the majority of low mile 2004 whipple equipped cobras so we're offering this particular car with those in mind! This car has everything you would want in a dependable low mile 600RWHP street beast. I'll get directly...
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    04 Black 2.9 Whippled Coupe

    I may have a 25k mile 2.9 whippled black 04 coupe (dark insert seats) coming available in the very near future. Please contact me directly by text or phone at the number in my sig if you have interest in a purchase. I do not plan on holding this car very long at all and it will be priced in the...
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    One off 17" 10th Anniversary Wheels. Gloss Black w/ Satin Black Lips

    Up for sale is a complete set of freshly done one off 17x9 and 17x10.5" 10th anniversary wheels with tires. The wheels are basically new and the freshly done satin black finished lips have zero miles since being done. These really look great and there aren't any flaws to speak of. I paid $250 to...
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    Black 03/04 OEM Cobra Hood

    I have a very nice OEM black 03/04 cobra hood with no damage at all. The hood has a completely finished/painted underside as well. $400 plus shipping and that's my firm price
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    House Of Power Presents One Angry 5.0L Whippled Terminator!

    The car is sold everyone. No need to pm me about it anymore! Lol I'll cut straight to the chase. The car is easily and without a doubt one of the cleanest, highest quality, and falt out ANGRIEST terminators we've had the pleasure of presenting to members. If in fact you are...
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    If You're In The Market For A Badass Terminator Vert; House of Power Style Contact Me

    In the upcoming days I will be offering up a very nice built Terminator vert. I'm posting this due to the multiple messages I've received after my last couple cars sold after only being listed for 45 minutes. This will give everyone a fair crack at getting their ducks in a row when I drop it on...
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    18x13" True Forged Content Inside!

    Just got my custom True Forged Competitions in for my high HP C5Z06 project that's currently underway. All I can say is WOW!! Steve outdid himself on these things!!! They just came in about an hour ago so I'll get tires on them and mount em up ASAP. I just had to post these up!
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    Build Thread: House Of Power Motorsports Project "Z Oh Sick"

    Well it's that time again. time to post another build thread. HOWEVER and this is a BIG HOWEVER lol This particular project will be seen all the way through to it's if's ands or buts about it!! I'll give a quick background about the project. My partnner Scott and I are in...
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    Another HouseofPower Motorsports Cobra To Be Available!!!

    For your consideration House of Power Motorsports has another extremely fine example of a terminator. Quite low miles and really clean. 21k mile silver 03 coupe. Full bolt ons and obviously everything works as it should. Quick rundown: -21k original mile silver 03 with clean carfax and...