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    F/S AFS cobra 17x9 + 17x10.5 machined wheels]
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    F/S (2) 17x9 + (2) 17x10.5 AFS '03 cobra wheels machined finish

    Wheels are still new in box, never mounted (I switched to chromies). I'm located just west of Detroit, best reasonable offer to pick'em up gets them. Not interested in shipping - sorry.
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    New Ride

    Finally got my replacement car, imported from Lexington KY. I just wasn't excited about anything else, it's an '04 Torch Red w/chromies, all in all a much nicer car than my original '03 Sonic Blue which was recently totalled. Cost me $2K more than my insurance settlement, but it has 20K less...
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    WTB (4) P275-40R17 Tires near Detroit

    I'm looking for (4) P275-40R17 street tires with at least 3/32" tread. Will pay $200 for unmounted tires or $600 for tires mounted on stock 03/04 cobra rims. Need'em fast & near Detroit.
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    WTB: Old Tires

    Anyone have some old tires 275/40/17's any brand that they can part with cheap. I need at least 3/32 tread, need some donors to swap out the GS-D3's on my car before its scrapped.
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    GS-D3 tires 4-sale

    If any one is running low on tread, I have some nearly new 275 GS-D3's on my recently totalled cobra. The insurance company bought it, but said I could swap another set of tires onto the car as long as they have 3/32" tread left and are the stock size and mounted on stock wheels. I payed...
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    1 Less Terminator - help w/hit&run..

    Well, I think mine is a goner. I got rear-ended by an Excursion monday morning in Dearborn (Outer DR in front of Dearborn High). I was stopped at the red light and never saw him (he must have been doing ~40 and hit me pretty good as I got shot into the intersection and spun around 180')...
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    Insurance Police

    Just got my insurance renewel letter last week from Progre$$ive, actually the rate is fine, its eligibility rule #8 that has me perturbed. 8. The Company will not insure the following vehicles: a. A vehicle which has been substantially modified from its original manufactured state for...
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    How do you remove the side mirrors?

    Anyone removed their mirrors ? I got a windnoise leak on the passenger side mirror, need to figure it out.
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    Noise reduction stuff

    I know most of you are just trying to go faster, so this won't apply. :) If anyone else is interested in reducing the damn road/tire/trans/exhaust noises in their car, I'm going to order a bunch of stuff from ("Brown Bread" constrained layer mastic, "H-Liner" engine liner...
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    Vortech Cooler

    Anyone tried the Vortech charge air cooling tank ? What does it do?
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    UPR Blue Thunder Shifter ?

    For those that have the UPR shifter...any regrets?
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    Snow Tires

    Anyone running P245 or P255-45-17 snow tires on stock rims ? Just wondering if they fit OK on the stock rims, or if I need to buy some 8inch rims.
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    Outdoor weddings

    Well I just got back from Indy, where my old college roomate got married at his parents house. Long story short, freak of nature windstorm comes out of nowhere (seemed like a nice 10mph breeze), then BAM 4 trees come down within seconds. One tree flattens the reception tent squashing a few of...
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    MGW Handle Questions

    For those that put the handle on with stock knob, what position did you adjust the telescoping handle piece to? I installed it low and to the left(maybe slightly back). Just doesn't feel right (knob is angled rearward too much, but still positioned too far fwd), somewhat disappointed based on...