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    All inclusive resorts

    +1 for USVI. Can't beat it down there
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    Working 2 Full Time Jobs & What I've learned.

    I know the feeling man. I work 70 hours a week at an investment bank in Boston Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday I valet two five hour shifts during the day and try to pick up the Saturday night shift if possible. People tell me I'm crazy and that I will burn myself out, etc. But I'm...
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    Ford Escape vs RAV4 bs CX5

    I valet on weekends and park/drive Rogues quite often. There is a delay followed by a clunk when you switch from D to R and vice versa. The interiors are nice but I would be paranoid about the tranny shitting the bed everytime I drove it if I owned one.
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    2011 GT500 Won't idle when warm

    I had a similar issue with my 2v GT which is obviously a completely different setup, but my idle air control valve had quite a bit of carbon build up in there.
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    Buy gold stocks
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    Very played out but a set of staggered 18x10 18x9 chrome saleens or 03/04 cobra reps look great on rio red. Congrats on the new ride!
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    Why is book value more on GT Coupe versus 'Premium' Coupe

    I'm curious to see the answer, I would have thought the same as you.
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    My friends in safe spaces.....

    Lmao. I hate my generation with a passion though...truly embarassing.
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    this crack me up

    Having flashbacks to the first time I had sex lmao. His reaction was priceless.
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    Help me Buy a New Truck

    You get what you pay for IMO. Couldn't pay me to drive a Ram they are ridden with problems. If I were in the market i'd buy a CPO F150 if cost was the issue.
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    So my sister and her daughter are going to jail.

    That is so horrible to hear, unfortunately as someone said money is thicker than blood for some people. I highly suggest you put a GoFundMe together for your dad. People abuse the site but this is one of the cases where I would happily share the shit out of this everywhere I can if you throw one...
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    Help me Buy a New Truck

    Do NOT get a Ram. Our foreman has one and it is in the shop once a month.
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    Finally Mounted Wheels & Tires for the Track

    Looks killer dude congrats! And gotta love that OT lol
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    North Dakota Bank Robbery

    Hahaha think my girlfriend got a good look at him too.
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    Lets see those trucks!

    I think I saw it on Streetspeed717's channel. You sir have a sweet freakin truck!