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  • What the price for one Vossen CV7 20x9 in graphite gray? It's on a 2012 GT. My right front has two small curb rash spots so I'm just gonna keep it for a full size spare. I don't need a center cap unless it comes with the wheel.
    Looking to get vossen cv7 for my 13 gt. 20x9 and 20x10.5 silver polished. I hear you are the one with the hook up? How much?
    Yeah, they're still available. They're still on the car as I've been super busy but I could make that a priority tomorrow if you're serious.
    Hey man. I would like too see some pics of the strut tower, if possible. I'm also deployed, keep it safe. Thanks.
    $90.00 sounds fine.
    It looks like you don't have enough post for me to send you a private message. So here is my info. [email protected]
    I will ship it out first thing Monday and I can email or message you the tracking numbers.
    I think if you can send the payment as "personal, gift" it will save me the fees.
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