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  • Jim, can you give me part number and a quote for a set of ARP cam caps retainer bolts for a 13-14 GT500?


    My name is Bill Foxenberg. I live in Pearland TX. You tuned my car at Strictly Performance a couple months ago when you were visiting. I had the car on the road track adn let Richard know that the engine peformed flawlessly. I appreciate the help you provided. I have a question: Your tune is apparently something a but unusual, according to Richard, due the the engine build and the deletion of the EGR. Anyway, the car has no traction control - it is off and won't reset. When I ask Richard about it he says he's not sure he can fix it in the tune. It's not that big a deal, but I prefer to have it when driving in the rain. I am bringing my car to Ricahrd on Monday for a tune to be ready for the Texas Mile next weekend, so you may here from him, but I wanted to ask you in any case whether the Traction Control can be set up in the tune. Thanks you for any guidance you can provide. BTW - you planning on coming down here again any time sooe?
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