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    @003 Cobra

    @003 Cobra
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    Prayers Needed

    Sending prayers
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    I hate thieves

    Nothing happens to them anyway!!
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    Freshing up Cobra

    Thanks guys that would be perfect if i could use just GT pumps and a aftermarket hat. I'm not interested in running E85
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    Freshing up Cobra

    Yes i agree completly, the car pulls hard in the midrange and up. But it feels like it doesn't have the instant snap of my old pulleyed eaton. Its obviously cause the 2.3 needs to be spun faster. I don't mind running 17-18 as long as i can do it without hurting the motor. I've seen a few...
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    Freshing up Cobra

    Hey guys thanks for the info, yes Mustang magic put the car together years ago and it an old school setup that runs well. Its street car that was tuned for 93 octane and has never seen the drag strip. HP was pretty good at 550 but i thought the Tq was low around 485, again this was at 14 psi...
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    Freshing up Cobra

    I was gonna increase the boost to 16psi, by adding a 3.25 upper. I know the focus pumps are old school, should i go GT pumps and a aftermarket hat?
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    99-04 Cobra Flowmaster American Thunder catback

    Best exhust ever!
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    Freshing up Cobra

    Thanks, yes thats pretty much all. I just got a 3.25 upper to replace the 3.5 that came on the whipple. I've heard mixed reviews about the focus pumps and them failing.
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    Freshing up Cobra

    I'm original owner of an 03 Cobra with has about 30,000 miles currently and run great. Due to other projects the car only gets driven about 1,000 miles a year. I last did upgrades about 10 years ago which were 2.3 whipple gen II, 60lb injectors, 2600 air meter and twin Focus pumps in the stock...
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    Please explain to me the differences between the JLT intakes

    If you heat the stock inlet up you can stretch it enough to fix over the BBK 65mm. Saw some old posts and videos on it years ago
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    My Build list (would like opinions)

    Sounds like a great build bro!
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    Its been awhile but here are my most recent mods

    Great looking car!
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    Motor went swimming

    Looks like a 2.8 KB
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    2004 Silver Cobra... Whipple....56k

    Love the wheels! Good luck with the sale!