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  • "i already got my shit, so you do the same" Whatever the **** that means, no doubt something your toothless buddies in Middletown would say, which I assume would translate into English as... mind my own business.

    Well it IS my business in that SB490 would buy my car when he sold his..ohh. You're a used car salesman? Wtf, you of all people should respect someone trying to sell a car. How about I come buy your job & show anyone who comes in what a car on your lot can be bought for on e-bay?

    You've sold 33 Mustangs (any Terminators?) & you don't see a problem in telling a potential buyer he'd be stupid to pay so much? As it turns out he has been offered $19k as is..so maybe you aren't the authority you think you are.
    HI, thanks for your concern, i was not torpedoing his car, i was not sure if this was a typo, or a joke and he would not answer me directly, the whole market for 03/04 cobras for a running 30-80k mile cobra lurks in the 15-22k $ range, so for any person with 1/16th of a brain will see that 20 grand for a non running cobra with some dents on it is not a good deal at all regardless of the miles, i have owned 17 mustangs and 34 cars, i already got my shit, so you do the same
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