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    What do you pay for storage of your R?

    Approximately $0.00. It occupies a space in the barn, and eats a hell of a lot less hay.
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    What do you like most about your R?

    It's all mine, it's paid for, and I feel like a hero when I drive it. Don't care what anyone else thinks about the car.
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    Found: 95 R clone with all original R parts

    Thread's dead, Jed. Thread's dead.
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    It finally happened...the 95 R's are now worth $1M each

    Apparently we're not the only skeptics.
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    It finally happened...the 95 R's are now worth $1M each

    Just ask this guy...item 222285229558 on that huge auction site in the sky. I'm quite surprised that the appreciation happened so quickly...I thought they were just old, beat-up race cars. Bully for us, then?
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    M-1096-J or YR3V-1A096-AA 2000 R centercap

    Out of a group of 4 genuine centers that I got as a lot, three fit my R58 wheels and one fits a 2000 R wheel (2.5"). Does anybody want/need the 2.5" centercap? $15 plus the ride, it's driver grade...certainly not perfect.
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    Original spec tires - 95R

    Doc mentioned that the BFGs on #181 are getting a little long in the tooth, as they haven't been produced in the 255 width for a while. A mechanic dated the tires and found they were around 5 years old. They do still stick well and have a good amount of tread left, but #181 is definitely not a...
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    No power problem 95R

    Finally got the exhaust uncorked on #181, so the wife and I decided to drive the cars on some twisty backroads. Early on I attempted a pass on a slower vehicle, and the car just fell flat. On. Its. Face. Plop. It refused to rev, and I absolutely could not get it to respond to any throttle...
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    WTB R58s in the southeast

    Ideally looking for decent shape R58s (9" replicas of R58s OK) in 17x9 and 17x10.5.
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    ESP/Touring interior Q - 2016 National SOLO Rules, 15.2-J

    According to the referenced rule in the 2016 rulebook: "Installation of roll cages in Street Prepared cars must follow the same standards for interior modifications to accommodate the cage installation as those that are applicable to Touring cars in Club Racing." The car is a 1995 Mustang...
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    Convertible X brace?

    I've picked up a copy of the SVT Mustang Cobra Recognition Guide by Schreiner and Sessler, and it's full of great information. It's saved me from asking plenty of questions that I'm sure most folks on the forum already know. However, there is one item that interests me that isn't fully...
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    R58 wheel refinish

    Spoke with the guy at my local autobody refinish supply, about refinishing the R model wheels. I asked specifically about durability of finish, and he recommended a 3-part paint system that I'm familiar with using epoxy primer. I've used epoxy primer on steel body panels before, but not on...
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    Cobra R #181 information and questions

    The car was originally purchased Christmas eve 1996 and driven from Texas to south Florida (think Fort Myers area) where it appears to have been driven mean feat for a car with no air conditioning in such a southern tropical clime. That owner, #1, passed away and owner #2...
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    WTB 94/95 Cobra floormats, "COBRA" embroidered

    Looking for a set of these floormats, parchment color, black or dark brown embroidered "COBRA" on the side...not a fan of the snake mats. Let me know what you have thanks...
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    Number 46

    Any idea what the reserve was on #46, that just ended on eBay? It did not sell at $33,200, and was a wrapper car.