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  • Hey! This is Paul.

    Was just thinking if my Challenger Scat Pack doesn't arrive so I can get the big $4850 rebate from Dodge I'll buy another 03/04 Cobra. The rebate expires Sept 3rd.

    Just by chance I clicked on the WTB Oxford Coupe thread and I saw your profile name.

    Hope everything is well with ya and if I cant get the rebate on the Challenger I'll ask you about selling #7000. Have a great day!
    Hey man,

    I feel your pain. I have an 04' Cobra and I installed a centerforce dual friction clutch, billit steel flywheel, TOB, the works just like you....and just like you I got the exact same problem. At first my car sounded like a damn choo choo train. Clack clack clack clack clack clack clack. Took it back and they pulled the clutch and said that the weights that are around the diaphram for that clutch were loose and making the noise. Dude didn't know anything about centerforce clutches. So he pulled the ring and the weights and now my clutch shudders, and I'm getting the same exact cricket noise...even worse when i rest my foot on the clutch. So...what did you do? Did you have to replace the clutch ? I have been told that i didn't break in the clutch properly and need to do the whole works all over again? :O I'm really disgusted right now. What did you end up doing?
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