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  • your pictures show and what people are saying they look like, but I want to have these as close to the original m55 as possible. Can you draw a picture or describe them in perfect detail if you even remember at all? Thanks!
    Hey man. I see you haven’t been on for a while, but it’s worth a shot. I’m trying to build a set of m55 mufflers. I know you’ve had them in your hands and have taken pictures, but even after brightening the pictures quite a bit, I still can’t really make out how they’re built. I’ve been drawing mufflers with see through cases and trying to replicate what your
    Jroc, did you actually get to replace your L's accessory belt? I tackled this job today and can't seem to find a way to take the cage off. Took off the SC belt and the bracket that holds the iddler pulleys. Then loosened the cage's 3 bolt but the cage does not yield enough to get the belt off. What I'm I missing? What's the trick?

    I finally got around to installing the interior handles on my 03 Lightning. I just wanted to thank you for the write-up, it was extremely helpful. DUG

    I'm running Pirelli PZero Rosso's. I was running falken Azenis RT-615's. I run 315/30/18's rear, and 275/35/18's front. Its lowered about 1.5".
    thanks man i really appreiate it. yea love these wheels they look really clean when polished up real nice. do you know if they make those sizes for the black cobra wheels also?
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