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  • Hello, Do you think Cunningham can tweak the ECU or are they bullshitting about it and using a converter box.....one has to wonder. Sounds like NASA Space Shuttle project. Mine was installed without the converter box and 2 times now i have had the speedometer light up like a christmas tree.....thanks
    Hey JUIC3D im new to this... I have a 13 coyote and I run a 150shot with a bbr tune and was wondering if this is the best tune for nitrous? I also have their n/a tune and i was thinking of switching to AED for n/a but I wanted to ask you first since you have more experience with these cars. Also your videos are badass! I follow them all the time.
    Hey juic3d hoping you can give me some insight on nitrous have a couple quick questions is a bap needed when running a small 100-125 shot?Also I was reading a little about the clutch protection and throttle blade closing now how does that effect when running nitrous? Any difference as far as the wot switch for the drive by wire and the microswitch under the pedal as relating to this? Do you just let off and ditch a pass when that happens or when you get a nitrous tune will the clutch protection be disabled? Still learning about nitrous and these coyotes so any help would be appreciated
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