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  • Hi there, thank you for your reply On my thread. Here's my Email [email protected] Can you drop me your cell # and vehicle's vin # so I can give it to my bank. They also need pictures, but I can show them the ones you post it. Thanks, Jose. 619 755-7717
    Hello, I'm very interested in your svt. I've been on the hunt for an 04 svt in my hometown San Diego, but no luck. I got a loan through my bank for a 04 cobra, not a 03, they say its too old. So my options are very limited. Will you be willing to work a deal through banks? My bank would be wiring your money to your bank account, after that's done I would be picking up the car.?? Kinda of a crazy idea, but I'm just exhausting every possible option in my hunt. Thank you.
    hey im interested in the car can you send me some pics of it and what is your bottom dollar on this car
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