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    >2019 shares the predator block. I would not get <2019.
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    Good Ole USPS

    A small price to pay for the daily delivery of coupon mailers and mortgage refi solicitations. It is rare that i do not throw all of the dails mail away without even opening it. Honestly, WTF do we have the same mail delivery that we did 100 years ago?
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    storage unit requirements?

    funny enough, I have room in mine. PM for dets.
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    Planet Fitness

    I will only run on woodways while surrounded by dime pieces. PF does not offer either.
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    Planet Fitness

    False. I went from the YMCA to a diamond at Lifetime. Truuuuuuuuust me there are huge differences.
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    Planet Fitness

    Ballys LOL. I think I paid 9.99 a month back in the day? Ghetto AF.
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    Top Gun Maverick: Review hopefully no major spoilers

    Loved it. Just cheesy enough but not too cheesy. Great action. Plenty of suspense. Gets a tad ridiculous when Mav and Rooster go down but not enough to ruin it. Will see again. 5/5.
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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Honestly I cannot even recall. October 2021? My tuner loaded a base tune into it and we are getting the clutch broken in before it goes on the dyno. I think it should be good for ~850 on e85.
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    Planet Fitness

    It sounds like you are the target market for PF.
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    Planet Fitness

    It is a place to hang out for fat people that do not work out. I have heard that the pizza mondays are dope tho...
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    I did hold MSTR. I traded it a bit and dumped it all in April.
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    According to cryto conman Mike Saylor, what the crypto markets needs is more regulation :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    "Discount" implies that there is intrinsic fair value to BTC. There is not. It has never traded at a "premium," either. Price =/= value. Because there is no arbitrage there is no floor (or ceiling for that matter).
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    I am beginning to worry that the digital image of a cartoon monkey that I bought with fake money is not worth as much as I thought.