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  • KVYST, thankyou for getting back to me. Your car is awesome. Sounds like you have treated her well. Your price is great, your car is beautiful. I am a teacher and A.D I would love to persue your car. My schedule right now is crazy. I am seriously interested in your car. At your price, with the car you have my chances are not great to buy. God Bless you my friend, and thankyou for your service. If it all works we will meet with cash. G.O
    Hello and thanks for the kind words. Car is in great shape inside and out. I bought it a little over a year and a half ago 100% stock with the extended warranty. I parked it in the garage for about 4 months while finishing up army duty. Then i took it to the track (stock) and put down a 12.99. Ordered BMR Springs, panhard bar, Borla ATAK axleback, ORH, C/S front end, and sound tube delete kit. Took it to the tuner for baseline pull, install and after pull. Final HP was 408 TQ 404. Took it back to the track on stock tires and went 12.2. The very next weekend with cool temps and DR's went 11.79. That was the last time the car was at the track. 9 total passes. mainly just use the car as a cruiser/weekend car. That is the reason i am selling, don't want to pay for a car i rarely drive. Anyway any questions please let me know. I will let it got for $21k with factory wheels and no tuner.
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