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  • Anytime, glad it was the box that went bad, these cars had poor drainage systems and sometimes during heavy washs or rain storms the water would get in the car through the cowl and fender and get the box wet causing intermittent issues. But glad it is all set and there were no wiring issues. Goodluck with the car!
    Ok if they are paying for it then let them try the junction box. .but again if its still the same you have a break in the wires..either way let me know and goodluck
    Hey, DO NOT CHANGE THE SMART JUNCTION BOX OR THE CLUSTER.....i finally got the car down to a great auto electric shop and i took out the passenger seat and the rear seats and pulled the rugs up to save the labor time of pulling that and left it with them. One of the wires ( there are literally a hundred of them all wrapped up together) was pinched and had a slight cut. I have no idea the origination of it, but start at the smart box in the passenger kick panel floor, and trace each wire back until you find one that is broken, weak, or damaged. I hope that helps, ask anything else as i hate being stuck with no answers. But mine was a break in the main communication line in the passenger kick panel wiring. Hope that helps
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