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    What filter are people using for e85?

    I'm using the fore stainless filter but injector dynamics won't warranty the injectors unless you use a 6 micron filter. I'm going to switch to the fuel lab 6 micron fiberglass filter. This is on a return system 754hp
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    WTT: ID1300's for your ID1000's

    Do the id1300 work with the factory ecu? ID's website says no.
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    WTB: T56 Magnum!

    cobra parts on facebook there is one for sale. full setup
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    WTB 26 spline input shaft

    Shadow grey, I just checked my inbox and sent you a message. sorry for the late response but I don't make it on here very much.
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    WTB 26 spline input shaft

    Ether text me or pm me with details. 262 391 7847
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    WTB 26 spline input shaft

    Looking to buy a 26 spline input shaft. I'm also looking for a set of 26 spline McLoud disks. I have 10 spline McLoud dual disk plates i'd be willing to trade plus$$
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    WTB 26 spline input shaft and 26 spline Mcleod disk's for t56

    Do you have the shims? And what first gear is it for?
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    WTB 26 spline input shaft and 26 spline Mcleod disk's for t56

    I have 10 spline McLeod rst disk's I can trade with 1500 miles on them. Text Jim at 262-391-7847 thanks
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    Why was my 04 Terminator moved?

    Can someone tell me why my cobra was moved from this page? The plaque from the car say's it an 04 cobra/Terminator #183 of 3768.
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    WTB Upgraded steering shaft

    I'm looking for an aftermarket steering shaft for a 03/04 cobra with power steering. let me know what you have and how much$$$. pm or text me 262 391 7847
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    wtb fuel pressure regulator

    I need of a aftermarket 2 port fuel pressure regulator that is e85 compatible. thanks pm or text me jim 262 391 7847
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    WTB f2i regulator and fore filter

    I'm looking for a fore innovations f2i regulator and a 10an fore fuel filter with ss cartridge for e85. you can text me at 262 391 7847 thanks jim
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    WTB 2.9 Whipple standard inlet

    Wanted 2.9 Whipple with standard inlet pm or text me at 262 39one 7847
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    F/S gen 2 kenne bell 2.2

    Everything but tb. $2600.00 + pp and shipping two pulley's 3.25 and 3.00 worked well for my 03 cobra made 613hp on 93 @ 16lbs text for pic's 262 391 7847 thanks jim (new price $2550.00 and free shipping in the united states. I have it packed in a wooden crate wrapped in cardboard with handles...