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  • That's what mine was doing so I would think it would either be the pump, pressure regulator, or PCM. Take the vacuum line off of the pressure regulator (iirc there's one on there on the 96-98's), if you see fuel in there then there's your problem. If not, it's usually not the problem.
    It ended up being the PCM, I had to replace it and then turn off the PATS system in the tune (only had to turn off PATS because of the new computer and did not want to have to have Ford configure it). There is a slight difference between the 96-97 cobras and 98 cobras... the 98 Cobras used a variable voltage fuel pump and the 96-97's used a regular constant voltage pump. Something Ford used for some reason probably in transition to returnless fuel systems in 99+ models.

    First thing I would do is see if it is spark or fuel related, get a fuel pressure gauge on there and see what it shows. My last ditch effort was to try another PCM and it worked.

    Hope that helps man. :beer:
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