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    Wtb supercharged Mach 1

    Looking for a supercharged Mach 1. Really want blue, orange.... But any color would be ok except black and grey. Built motor a plus but not needed. The less suspension mods the better. Now looking for a 20k car. Mainly a stock Mach with a P1 or eaton swap.
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    Wtb rebuilt/salvage title cobra or cobra swapped mustang.

    I'm looking to buy a rebuilt/salvage cobra. Looking for one still wrecked or one that has been rebuilt. For this I'm looking to pay a discounted price obviously. I have bought 3/4 cars over the Internet and one from this site even. Let me know what you have for sale.
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    Wtb 2007-2009 GT500 with rebuilt title.

    I'm selling my 2003 Mach 1 and want to upgrade to a 2007-2009 gt500. Not picky on colors, just a coupe, the more stock the better. Wanting to spend less then what I can get one with a clean title. Looking for one with a rebuilt title and hopefully some pics of before and after. I'm...
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    Wtb cobra take out 39lb injectors

    Looking for a set of stock 39lb injectors from a 03/04 cobra
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    Wtb supercharged or cammed mach 1

    Got a loan out for a procharged 04 mach 1. Seller backed out last min. Loan is approved for 30 days. Looking for a supercharged or cammed mach 1. Low miles the better! Text me if you have anything 609-367-3222
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    Wtb wrecked or blown motor/trans mach 1

    I always wanted another mach 1 so I'm looking for one either hit or has a blown motor/trans.. Located in NJ. Not looking for a stripped car just one that's got problems
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    Wtb 03/04 cobra swapped classic mustang.

    Wasn't really sure where to post this as its a weird request. Anyway if its wrong sorry and please have a mod move it. Looking for a 65-70 classic mustang swapped with a 03/04 cobra drivetrain. Seen one for sale on here awhile back so figured I'd post here.
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    Wtb rebuilt title or a hit clear title cobra.

    I'm looking for a hit or rebuilt title cobra. Me and my father do body work and I would love to save a cobra from being parted out and rather fixed. I would consider one that was hit and fixed already if the price is right. Let me know if you have a hit cobra or a rebuilt cobra. I have been...
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    2003 TR Mach 1 on eBay $10,000 no reserve!!!

    My TR Mach 1 is on eBay for $10,000 no reserve!! One bid and you take her home. alot of pics and close ups etc... And everything done to the car. Item number is 120962932836
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    2003 TR 5 speed Mach 1. $11,000

    I have a TR mach 1 5 speed. Has 82,xxx miles on the body an tranny. At 46,xxx ford put a warranty motor in for the famous head tick. Mods- 4.10 gears, intake spacer, jlt rai, o/f prochamber, Mac catback, speed works n2o kit. This car is super clean! Has a clean car fax! Minor wear...
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    How to made low 11 second terminator dd?

    What do you need to make a 03/04 cobra a low 11 second daily driver? I assume power wise a Ported eaton running 13lbs A cold air intake Midpipe/catback Maybe a throttle body... And injectors Suspension wise IRS brace and mm bushing kit Drop the front sway bar Drag radials...
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    WTB cammed comp orange coupe around mid august.

    I'm selling my Mach one on eBay and will be in the market for a comp orange coupe.... I'm looking for something With 50k or less... T56 still Still have IRS Huge plus is anyone has a cammed comp orange. Im used to old 60s muscle cars can't beat a cammed up sound. Please PM me so I...
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    2003 TR Mach 1 NJ. 12,750!!! Steal it!

    Pm your email for pics. I don't know how to upload them. 2003 TR Mach 1. Clean NJ 5 speed Have a 2003 TR Mach 1. This car is clean for it's age. I have been daily driven this car for 3 years. I bought the car 100% stock with 32k... It now has 82k(40k on motor) on it. It's a 5 speed and...
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    Anyone know of a dealer/etc with cobra want to trade my Mach 1 in for one....

    I'm in NJ... Willing to travel to Delaware,pennslivinia, etc... I have my 2003 Mach one.. 82,000 miles... (only 49K on a ford replaced reman motor) Only owe $4000 on my car... Looking for a 03/04 cobra to trade it in on... Just seeing if anyone knows of any around the area for around...
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    Wtb stock eaton...

    Looking for a stock working eaton... Please post up price shipped to 08088... Will paypal tonight !!!! if someone has one sitting around... I'm getting this to fit on a 5.0 in a 1968 mustang... So I just need a stock one in working condition... Thanks