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  • Hey Malcom I have an 04 Cobra with a 2.6 kenne bell. I'm looking to go with a 3 inch upper and am going to be finishing up the car in KC next week before it gets tuned on Thursday. Is there anyway I can borrow a pulley puller from you when I'm in KC?
    hey let me get the main stud bolts too!!!! is that the stock cobra tray? sale me both top and bottom
    Hey bud, I've been doing some research on the Terminator and I'm actually really curious about something which I think you might be able to help me out with. I live in Ontario and the most octane around here is 94 at pump. My issue is that I would like to hit 700rwhp with the car in the future and I've been told that it is very difficult with 94 octane. I've continued researching and found some of your input on other threads about using meth injection as an octane booster. I posted a thread with some more details about my question, I would REALLY appreciate if you could elaborate on the details of how this works and how one would go about running this type of setup and how high you could really go with it. Thanks in advance man, I'd really appreciate the input.
    I would like to know if the fuel hat is still available?? Zip is 20110, Manassas, VA
    I noticed you are from the Kansas City area. I am as well. I have recently purchased a yellow 03 Cobra. Who do you recommend to work on the Cobra's? I have not heard many good things with the shops around here. I am looking to do some suspension mods.

    Thank you,

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