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  • Matt, I see you had the 295/35 Continental Extreme DW on a 10.5 rim. I am looking at the same setup. Do you have any pics of your car from the front and side? I am thinking about the 275/35 on the front. Thanks
    Matt I'm new on the board but seen in a post you have a set of fr500's for sale i am extremely interested can you give me a call 508-889-4497
    Yo Matt. I saw in a post that you use Simple Green and water to clean under your hoods. My engine is getting a little dusty, just wondering what you recommend and what precautions to take.
    Hey man, i was just curious about your gears? I saw that you were running 4.30's, and i was just going to ask you how you like them?, What kind of RPM's are you when cruising on the interstate? 70MPh? 80MPH? I also have a Silver Cobra, its an 01, and i am looking to put gears in it soon, and just getting some opinions and facts from people.
    how much are you asking for the truck? when was the engine rebuilt? when was it dyno'd? who installed the DFI and Supercharger?
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