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    What Mug Should LFP Offer Next?

    What do you guys think? 16oz. Pub Glass 25oz. Sport Mug 23oz. Flare Mug 21oz. Pilsner
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    LFP Matte Finish I/C Tank Pics

    Here are some photos of the new Matte Finish LFP Supertank that were taken this weekend.
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    NEW C&L Performance Power Pipe

    Just got the new C&L Performance Power Pipe. It was worth it in my opinion for only $139.00 from LFP. Polishing cost a little extra and took about a week.
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    DiabloSport MAFia?

    Thinking about purchasing the MAFia, anyone have any suggestions or feedback on this piece? I need to re-tune my MAF, but don't want to drop the $$$ for the SCT Big Air.
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    Upgrade Fuel System

    Hey guys, I was wondering with the mods I'm currently running if I'll need to upgrade my stock Fuel System. At what point does the stock fuel system become inefficient? I don't want to just blow money, Below are my mods: LFP 2.93 Upper LFP 4# Lower Diablo Sport Tune LFP 10''...
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    !NEW! Stage II Heads From LFP

    Hey Everyone, I just picked these up yesterday from LFP. The New Stage II Heads Feature: 5 Axis CNC ported Stainless Valves Bronze Guides .575" Lift Springs For my Stage II (I could have went with stronger springs but I'm not getting Stage III Cams.) Titanium Retainers 5...
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    2.80 Upper with 4# Lower

    Hey, I got a buddy who's got an FIPK CAI, 4# Lower and 2.80 Upper. Will the pulley tune in the Predator handle that or will he need a custom tune? That should be around 13.5 - 14 lbs. of boost right?
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    What Clutch to go with?

    Hey guys, my clutch went out on me the other day, whats a good replacement? I don't want to spend alot of money. Thanks for the help!
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    Whats a good drop for terminator?

    I'm looking at lowering my snake. Is 1.5'' drop what I should do and who offers the drop? What's a good price and does anybody have any pics of the drop? Thanks in advance for the help.
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    New Lightning Heat Exchanger

    Hey guys... I took off my H.E. to have it stenciled with the Lightning Logo. I got back from LFP this afternoon and took some pics. The bend in the middle is from when I got side-swiped at a red light....:cuss:!!! Thank goodness the H.E. held up. Anyway, Enjoy.
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    Magnum Power Blowers GP

    Hey guys, just got back from LFP. He's got some Magnum Powers coming in so I figure it's time to retire my ported eaton. Anybody interested in doing a Group Buy with me?
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    Write Ford. Tell Your Story

    I called SVT this morning and they advised me to e-mail or fax them our petitions. They are collecting them in a stack and are going to present them to upper management. I told my story. It's not about SVT, it's about Ford sales period. I bought a Powerstroke Diesel and a Cobra just...