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  • Hey Mike,

    Sorry I didn't see your reply for a year. Do you still want that night photo of how it looks?
    thank you for the long reply.

    would it be possible to send me a night picture of the light and how it looks after your smoked headlights?? i want to see how much it reduces your light output.

    What hid unit do you have?
    35wat or 55 wat? also what k?? 6000k? or something else.

    Thank you very much for your time, and help sir.
    Thanks Mike. I actually made these headlights maybe 3, 4 years agos. What I did was I took the depo projector headlights and took an old set of smoked headlights I had laying around then mated them together. I took the smoked lenses off, and put them on depo projectors because I wanted to hid the projectors while still have functionality. I should of polished the lenses better but they shoot light fairly well.

    Two options, either get set of depo projectors and smoke them out with some type of professional spay tint or get a set of smoked headlights and do a retrofit. I believe Yuke does retrofits as well but they are slightly more expensive. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
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