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    306 + Parts

    Cleaning out the garage and selling off my 306 project. Got pics of everything, give me an email and I'll get you any info/pics you want. Everything is OBO + shipping. Would prefer local pick up on the block and larger items, will make deals on multiple items. Thanks for looking...
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    Central Kentucky Junkyard

    I live in Lexington and I can't find any good junkyards around. Most of the ones around town just sell 2000 and newer and are more accident replacement parts/tow yards. I've found some good yards out around Morehead and a couple other places way far out there. I am looking for a few good...
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    Sheet metal gauge?

    I am doing a little auto body work with a good friend of mine. I was wondering what gauge should I use for the paneling on a 1983 GLX cobra, and what gauge for the under carriage. I imagine the paneling is somewhere around 20, but the under carriage I'm not sure. Something like 8 or maybe...
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    I need Tennessee friends

    Hey all, just transferred down here for college and I don't know anyone yet. Looking for someone to talk cars with, possibly bum your garage to change my oil because I can't do sh*t at the apartment complex I'm living in, or just have a few beers and watch the super bowl with. Long story short...
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    Any good KY Dyno testers?

    Anyone know a good/trustworthy Dyno shop in central Kentucky? Or anywhere close? I want a reference from a customer, not an owner. Thanks.
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    Ban this bot Maziro9524

    Ban the bot Maziro9524 and tell me where I should report spam.
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    How big can I go with a 83 GLX

    Hello all, just found this forums and I wanted to say I hope this place is as good as it looks! Ok then, I just bought a perfect 83 GLX with less then twenty thousand miles on the whole car. Before I rip the little 2.3l 4cly out I was wondering if anyone had worked with body model, and what...