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  • OK cool man. What's your number and I'll shoot you a text tomorrow.. trying to get my buddy with a c6z to come out and play tomorrow too
    Thanks :beer:
    I think they do every first and third saturday but it seems like something is usually going on every friday and saturday night. I live right around the corner so I see cars there all the time. I think this saturday is classic camaro night, I may stop by there but I sometimes don't stay very long. Here is the event calendar for LMC club, but they post stuff for any club that wants to advertise events so there is usually all kinds of stuff listed. There will probably be all kinds of other cars there but they are saving spots for classic camaros which should be interesting because on other meets there are some pretty sweet camaros there. It'll be nice to see a stack of them lined up. Sounds like a good time to take my camera up there.
    If you do decide to head up let me know and I will let you know if I can stop by.
    No... I been meaning to go to sonic for that.. I live in ridgeville and just got my car running decent. I work all over Mt. P so I probably have seen his car. Does low country muscle car meet up every sat? I'm looking to take my car out tomorrow night.. maybe get some dinner with the wife and maybe go to Kmart. Haven't been out there in years but I'll go to sonic if you'll be out there. You car looks so good slammed down
    I drive over there a lot but I don't think it was me on Clemens ferry. That might have been Raustin, he has a 2014 SGM also but lives in West Ashley. The easiest way to tell our cars apart is I'm usually very lowered and I think he is still at stock height. I will usually do the low country muscle car club shows at Sonic on College Park Rd. Do you go by cars/coffee in Mt. P?
    Hey man.. do you happen to live in Mt.P? I think I saw your car at a gas station on Clemens ferry rd not to long ago.. sounds good
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