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  • Hi there, would you be interested in selling 2013/14 tail lamps. I am currently on the market for a pair of those.
    Hello from Germany, i saw you sold a Black Mamba Carbon Hood. You mounted a bigger blower and a cobra Jet throttle Body. Did you have to lower the engine or was it just bolt on?
    Got a VMP Gen I 2,3 l TVS Blower, FRPP Cobra Jet Dual 60mm throttle Body, both fit under the factory Hood.
    Thanks for your help mate.
    Best Regards
    I have a complete Stainless Works setup. 17/8 primaries into 3 inch collectors, ceramic heat coated. Complete 3 inch catted exhaust, x pipe, over axel pipes and mufflers. Also reducers and smaller 21/2 inch over axel pipes in case you wanted to run stock mufflers. O2 extensions, header bolts included. I would like to sell as a complete set, this came off my 08. If interested you can reach me a 219-805-6681. I would like 1200 for everything.
    Hey the Ids 1000 you have are they from the injector dynamics or from that shop?? Also how's the idle is it spot on with out surging and no jumpy? Thinking of buying some
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