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    FOR SALE: 2013 Grabber Blue GT500

    Did this ever sell
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    WTB GT350

    Friend is gonna have a 2016 tech pack no recaros 14k miles for sale. Dont know it that intrest you. Black with white stripes
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    WTB: 2019 Performance Blue w/ White Stripe GT350

    A friend is putting up one black with white stripes 2016 tech pack. 14k miles no recaros
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    Gt350 resonator delete question

    Looking to do a resonator delete looking at buy mbrp x pipe t409. Anyone have these? I also saw one on lethal performance for 349 the mbrp is 219. Are they different in sound?
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    WTB 2013-2014 GT500 Grabber Blue

    Used Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 for Sale in Newark, NJ - CarGurus
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    WTB 2013-2014 GT500 Grabber Blue

    Used Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 for Sale in Newark, NJ - CarGurus
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    looking at a leftover 350R, need help from current owners

    I live in northern nj and I brought a used 2017 gt350 from a dealer in Oklahoma. I actually had the dealer send videos of the car all around the car inside. Turn it on. I didnt go out. I almost did. I actually trade my gt and they pretty much asked for the same thing with my car. I got the car...
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    GT350 in the winter

    I had a guy tell me he dd his on the east coast. I am from nj and I dd mine. They said 275/40/19 for front and 285/40/19 passing along. I havent done it yet as the winter has been great in nj
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    Winter tires help

    I just want tires that will get me thru winter. Then I can trade them out when spring arrives. Thanks for the new specs. I heard Ford performance was giving out specs to sub in the cup2 for winter. I want to drive my car as much as I can. Not really driving in the snow but on nice sunny 30...
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    Winter tires help

    Hey all I just brought a 2017 gt350 and want to daily it. Looking for either all season tires or I can do winter tires as last resort. I have to to get thru the cold and snow. I wont be driving in snow i have a truck. But at least thru the cold when its 20 degrees here. Any leads. Looked on...
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    "2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 1"

    My brother said he saw a gt500 silver driving here thru New Jersey dont know how true it is. I guess its like seeing bigfoot lol.
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    Another oil consumption thread

    Did they turn back the odometer to 0 lol. Enjoy the new engine. I just got a 2017 GB and I will need to keep an eye on it
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    I saw this 2020 gt500 bumper conversion kit Saw this in case anyone wanted it.
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    2008 GT500 19k miles $35K

    You have gotten lucky then.
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    2008 GT500 19k miles $35K

    Dont waste your time with carmax. They will low ball you hard. I tried it and they were not even in the ball park of what kbb was saying. I have heard a lot of people saying dont trade with them.